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Hindu Vedic Mantras

Bhagwad Gita Chapter -9 Rajavidya Guhya Yoga

Bhagwad Gita Chapter -8 - Aksara Parabrahman Yoga

Bhagwad Gita - Chapter 07- Paramhansa Vijnana Yoga

Bhagwad Gita- Chapter -06 - Abhayasa Yoga

Bhagwad Gita Chapter - 5 Karma Varigya Yoga

Rishi Men

Saubhari Rishi

RISHI SAUBHARI INTRODUCTION Saubhari was an ancient rishi and he is believed to be the son of Rishi Kanwa, who brought

Rishi Madhuchandha

RISHI MADHUCHANDA INTRODUCTION Rishi Madhuchandha was mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata, and also in Rigveda. He is the son of the great

Rishi Women

Vaak Ambhrni

In the Vedic period of Ancient India there were many woman seers who

Sati Anasuya

Introduction Sati Anasuya, the wife of Sage Atri, is one of the Seven

Yog Gurus

Bharat Bhushan

BHARAT BHUSHAN INTRODUCTION Bharat Bhushan was born in the year 1952 is a famous yoga master, and he is Padma Shree

Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati

SWAMI RAVI RUDRA BHARATI INTRODUCTION Swami Ravi, also known as Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati, was serving as a professor of


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