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The idea is to reveal to the world of our glorious past, rich culture and heritage- to prove that at the time when the rest

Science in Vedas

How could a text rich in philosophical thoughts, and a society, which produced highly refined ideas in philosophy,

Science in daily tradition

A ‘Rangoli’ in front of the house ensures cleaning the house and provides feed for insects like ants.

World News

Dakotas to have their first Hindu temple soon

A Hindu temple is planned to open soon in the Tea suburb of South Dakota’s largest city Sioux Falls, which is claimed to be the “first Hindu temple in the Dakotas”.

Upset Hindus urge England brewery to withdraw goddess Kalika beer & apologize

Upset Hindus are urging Ashby-de-la-Zouch (Derbyshire, England) based Tollgate Brewery to apologize and withdraw

Upset Hindus urge Czech firm to withdraw goddess Durga online slot gambling game & apologize

Upset Hindus are urging Prague (Czech Republic) based and Malta registered online gambling company Endorphina Limited to

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“Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahrajshree- Ahmadabad – India”


Blessing Letters

Learn Hinduism With Us


Bhakta Prahalad

Acquainting oneself with the glories of the Lord gives peace of mind according to the Bhagavata Purana.


Rajgriha Jain temple, Bihar

The Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Rajgir is a very ancient and holy place of pilgrimage for the Jains and it is 97 kms from Patna…

Ponnur Hill Jain Temple Tamil Nadu

Ponnur Hill Teerth Kshetra is a famous pilgrimage centre of the Jains situated in the Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu.


Pawapuri is a Jain Siddha Kshetra which is located 8 kms from Bihar Sharif and 31 kms from Rajgir.

Mahatma Gandhi Temple, Sambalpur, Odisha

A unique temple can be found in Sambalpur for Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of peace and non-violence. Sambalpur is

Rituals & Practices

Devotional Rituals

Hinduism has hundreds of brief and elaborate rituals. Formerly, the mandir used to be

Why do we touch the steps of the temple before entering?

Most of the Indian homes have a prayer room or altar. It is considered as the abode of deities in the home.

Why do we offer Bilva patra to Shiva

Lord Shiva is the Supreme God of the whole Universe and Sanatan Dharma.

Shraadh – Rituals for departed souls

  As per traditions, an individual born in this world has to fulfill three ruinas or debts. They are as follows: o   DeavaRuina- It is the debt towards the Almighty

Vedic Culture

Aaditya Hridayam – Soorya Namaskaara

‘Asaavaadityo Brahma’ (This Sun is Brahma, Paramaatmaa).  Thus declares the worshipper of

Daily prayers


Om jai Jagdish hare

Aum Jaya Jagadish Hare, Swami Jaya Jagadish Hare,

Bija Mantra

A Bija-Akshara is a seed-letter. It is a very powerful Mantra.

Modern India


The Himalayan Institute is a premier training institute for Yoga


Bhaktivedanta Institute is a non-profit establishment which offers specialized


Banaras Hindu University has been persistently ranked amongst the top


Association of Vedic Sciences offers services and guidance in the



Shravasthi(in Sanskrit) or Savatthi(in Pali) was the capital of the kingdom of Kosala


Sarnath or Saranganath is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage


Guru Angad Dev ji

The great Guru Angad Dev was born at Harike in Ferozepur district, Punjab.

Harminder Sahib – Amritsar

Shri Harmandir Sahib Amritsar commonly known as the Golden Temple is the most famous holy place of the Sikhs.

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