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Bhagwad Gita Chapter -9 Rajavidya Guhya Yoga


Bhagwad Gita Chapter -8 - Aksara Parabrahman Yoga


Bhagwad Gita - Chapter 07- Paramhansa Vijnana Yoga


Bhagwad Gita- Chapter -06 - Abhayasa Yoga


Bhagwad Gita Chapter - 5 Karma Varigya Yoga


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Brahmapureeswarar Temple

INTRODUCTION The Brahmapureeswarar Temple is situated in Thirupattur. It is believed that by visiting this temple our fate can by changed by

Asathoma Mantra

HOLY MANTRAS ASATHOMA MANTRA The Asathoma Mantra is an ancient Indian mantra which is found in the Brhadaranyaka Upanisad. The mantra must be recited during the

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