We want to inform our readers that long tail of 'a' after every Indian people's name from purans and veds is manipulated by many western scholars to suit their linguistic style of speaking of that time. But unfortunately we didn’t follow the right context and changed the pronunciation completely; hence we are not able to recite the shloka in right contexts. Hence we have decided to write Indian names in our style of spelling and trying to use the best possible English word for Indian text.

We have taken a strong stand against the modification of all names from our purans and scriptures. We have given following examples to showcase the difference between the Indian way of writing names and the western way of writing names.

Original Indian style English style
Purans Puranas
Ram Rama
Laxman Laxmana
Krushn Krishna
Pandav Pandava
Arjun Arjuna
Tulsi Tulasi
Ved Veda
Ganga Ganges

In case of Krushn, the English style of writing his name completely changes the gender of the person as Krishna is the name of a woman and it was also another name of Draupadi – Pandav’s wife in Mahabharat.