The main initiator, owner and promoter, Ms. Vaishali K. Shah, was inspired to bring-forth the age-old wisdom under one roof to help seekers across the globe in a modern, logical, rational and simple way. Her aim is to share this knowledge with anyone from the school going student to a scholar in simple and rational way.

Vaishali went through many books for years right from school days till higher education, spoke to many spiritual gurus and scholars across the world, requested many of them to join this gigantic project and could manage to bring few eminent scholars on board to help her realize the vision.
Ranging from the field of financial investors, IT professionals, Spiritual Gurus, scholars, researchers, politicians, CEOs, professors and writers from various parts of the world joined and supported her cause.

We aim to ensure that you get this knowledge in the way you like, type you like, when you like, So that you don’t live in an ignorant world thinking that our traditions are old-fashioned. The Vedic Sanatan way of life is universal and timeless as it teaches us how to respect mother nature, take care of environment, respect and celebrate each and every relation we have, make the most optimum and traditional use of resources on this earth, how to tame, control or streamline our mind and thoughts, how to grow as an individual, what is the journey of a soul, life beyond physical body, duties of every individual in various positions, responsibility of professions in the society and how to improve our mental and spiritual health and much more is answered for you here. wants from you: We want our readers to send us more such questions, queries or doubts related to our society, customs, rituals and help this site to grow from here.

We also invite our readers to contribute to our site by sending more information about any vedic libraries, universities, books, missing content, other website links for related topics and any other study material with authentic references. We desire to present exactly what people are looking for.