Adisesha is known as the King of Nagas as mentioned in the ancient puranas. Sesha is holding the entire universe in his body and is chanting the names of the Lord Vishnu from his mouth. He is considered as a very noble and a pious god. He is also called by various names such as Anandalvan, Seshanaga, Anantasesha and Ananta. Lord Vishnu’s divine bed is Adisesha. Sesha is considered as a humble divine attendant of Lord Vishnu and also contains the features of Lord Vishnu. He has taken two avatars as Lakshmana and as Balarama and served Lord Rama and Lord Krishna in a proper manner.

He is the thousand headed serpent and contains great power and energy through the grace of Lord Vishnu.

As per the ancient texts,sesha was the son of Rishi Kashyapa  and his wife Mata Kadru.

Sesha has done severe penance in several holy places including Himalayas. Through his severe penance, he was granted the boon of becoming the divine bed for Lord Vishnu at his abode Vaikunta. He is also controlling the entire universe through his great supreme power.

In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna tells to Arjuna, “That among the serpants, I am the powerful adisesha”. Which means his greatness was told by the Lord himself. He is considered as the supreme manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Through his name, Lord Vishnu is popularly called as “ANANDA PADMANABHASWAMY” and is worshipped widely in Trivandrum, Kerala. Several temples of Ananda Padmanabhaswamy are found all over india.


Several songs in praise of adisesha are played through speaker in the Vishnu temples during the tamil month of puratasi (September and October). By chanting the names of Adisesha and by reciting his slokas and his glories will definitely cleanse our mind and body, and suffering from poisonous fever or from any dreaded disease will be immediately cured. Being the avatar of Lord Vishnu, he will definitely take us to the right path. He was a very ancient god, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. His body holds Lord Vishnu, whereas his mind always thinks about him. His greatness was also mentioned in several puranic texts. He is considered as similar to Lord Vishnu, and all the pujas performed to Lord Vishnu, will also reach him. People who suffer from sarpa dosha can worship him at Ananda Padmanabha swamy temples, and can perform various naga pujas to the serpent deity. Just by thinking about him from our mind will itself bring better prospects in our life.

He expects a true bhakti from us, and will reside in the hearts of all the Vishnu devotees, and bless them for a prosperous life.

It is advisable to chant his name along with the name of Lord Vishnu and be blessed.