Bayajabai also called fondly as Bayaja Maa became a resident of Shirdi after she married Sree Ganapath Patil. She was a sincere and a dutiful wife and she also provided food to all the guests and other living creatures like dogs, cats and birds, especially to crows.       She only first saw “SAI BABA” when he was meditating under a neem tree. From then onwards, she started serving him by showing her affection and bhakti on him. She will used to serve Baba with great care. She was very affectionate towards Saibaba and considered him as her own brother. Without offering food to baba, she would never eat food. She showed such a love and affection on Baba. She realized his divine powers, and considered him as a divine avatar. Baba will used to take food from her house regularly.  He will used to call fondly as “BAYAJA MAA”, and immediately after hearing baba’s voice, Bayaja Maa would serve good food with motherly affection. She will also prepare special food items for him. Baba was very much pleased with her great service and regularly used to take food from her hands. She also treated him with great respect and with full of devotion in her mind.

Baba once saved the life of Bayaja Ma’s husband from the death god “YAMA”, and he also safe guarded her son Tatya from ill health and from several accidents. Her son tatya also loved saibaba and called him as uncle. Their entire family were very much devoted with SAIBABA.

She will used to regularly praise about baba and tell about his greatness and holiness to her husband and son and also to his disciples. She continued her dedicated service of serving food to baba until her death. The house of Bayaja Maa is located nearby “Sai Kutir”.



Even though she got her own family, she liked baba for his simplicity and kindness. She had realized that he was not an ordinary human, but an incarnation of god. We cannot imagine doing such a great and good service to the worshipful saint in this today’s fast changing world.

Let us praise her for her dedicated service to “SREE SAI BABA” and be blessed.






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