Prince Jimutavahana who lived some thousands of years ago in India, was a great person, and since he didn’t want to fight with his cruel relatives, he gave his kingdom and his entire belongings to them, and left his family and settled down in a village nearby a forest along with his parents and his dutiful wife. He was considered as a holy incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Once when he was staying in an ashram along with his family, he heard the cries of a Naga Lady.
He approached her and asked for the reason. The lady wept sorrowfully and told, that “Garuda is considering snakes (Nagas) as his enemy for a long period of time, and that in their village, daily every person, must self-sacrifice themselves to Garuda, who was the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, and today is the turn for my only lovely son to self-sacrifice himself to Lord Garuda”.
On hearing the incident from the Naga Lady, Jimuthavahana got pity on her and decided to save her Naga son. Jimuthavahana had dressed himself in the form of the naga boy and went near Garuda. Garuda got very happy and slowly began to tear him into pieces and ate his flesh with much joy. But he noticed that the great Jimuthavahana, didn’t shown any signs of worries, and he remained in a happy state even when his body was damaged. Garuda got very much surprised and asked him about his details. Then Jimuthavahana had narrated the incidents in his life. On hearing the incidents from him, Garuda was very much ashamed and worshipped him and realized that he is none other than his master’s incarnation and regained his body into normal form and from then onwards he stopped eating serpents.
From this incident we can understand, that the messengers of god are very kind on all the living beings in the earth, and they would even self-sacrifice their lives for safeguarding the living beings.
Let us worship the holy prince, the great Jimuthavahana and be blessed.