Mata Savitri



The king of Madra KingdomAsvapati, lives with his consort Malavi. He prayed to sun god for having a child. Due to the blessings of Lord Surya, a girl child was born, and she was named as Savitri. Savitri looks very beautiful and after attaining the marriage age, she went on a pilgrimage in search of marrying a suitable person, and finds Satyavan, the son of a blind king of Salwa Kingdom, who lost everything including his eyesight, and lives in forest with his wife and son.

Sage Narada  announces to Savitri and to his father that Satyavan will die after one year. But Savitri replied to the sage narada, that since she had already decided, she would prefer to marry him only.

Savitri and Satyavan are married, and she lived in forest with her new parents-in-law and husband, and looked after them in a proper manner.

Few days before the date of death of Satyavan, Savitri takes a vow of fasting in order to save the life of her husband.

In the morning of Satyavan’s predicted death, Savitri went with her husband into the forest. While going inside the forest, suddently Satyavan had got fainted.  Lord Yama arrived and taken the soul of Satyavan. Savitri followed Yama and worshipped and praised him by her kind words. Due to her praise, Lord yama agreed to offer boon to her. She asked for eyesight and restoration of the kingdom for her father-in-law, and then to bless her with children through her husband Satyavan. Due to her purity and holiness, Yama grants life to Satyavan and blesses both of them to live a long life, and also gave boon for getting the eye sight of her father in law and restores his kingdom.

Savitri tells the story to her parents-in-law, husband, and to the great sages in the forest. Her father-in-law has got back his eye sight and become the king of his kingdom. Everyone has praised for her holiness and appreciated her efforts for saving her husband from the clutches of the death god Yama.

In North India, every year, married women would observe Savitri Vrata on the Amavasya day in the month of Jyestha. This is performed for the well-being of their husbands. It is believed that Savitri had got her husband back on the first day of the Tamil month Panguni. Hence, this day is celebrated as Karadayan Nonbu in Tamil Nadu. On this day, married women wear yellow robes and pray to Hindu goddesses for the well-being of their husbands.


Mata Savitri is our holy mother, and acts as an example for others. Through her holiness and sincerity, she got back the life of her husband from Lord Yama. She contains such great good qualities. We can also worship her as Mata Parvati Devi for our well-being, and chant her mantra “OM SREE SAVITRI DEVIYE NAMAHA”. It is also believed that she has attained heaven after her death along with her husband satyavan and happily living there. It is also told, that she is the worshipper of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Through their blessings, and through her good nature, she got all the prosperity in her life.

Let us worship the holy mother Savitri on the day of “KARADAIYAN NONBU” and be blessed.






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