Madhav Rao Deshpande also called as Shama was one of the baba’s most sincere devotees, and acted like his personal attendant. Their relationship can be compared to that of Lord Krishna and Arjuna.

He was born on Margashirsh Shudda Panchmi day on 6th December 1880 to a Brahmin family from Nimon. He came to Shirdi at his childhood along with his parents and permanently stayed in shirdi till his death. He was educated in Shirdi and became a teacher in a school. Baba only named Mahdav Rao as “Shama” and used to call him as ““HEY SHAMA COME COME” with love and affection. Shama realized baba’s superior powers and become his ardent devotee and disciple. Baba will used to frequently tell to shama that both of them were related from several past births. Shama had also learnt Ayurveda by reading various books and given free medicines by mixing baba’s udi (sacred powder) to the poor sick patients. He also charged a very nominal charge for other patients. Many people from different places visited him and consumed his medicines and they were all cured miraculously through the blessings of “SAIRAM”.

Shama used to call Baba as a “Divine man” and also took liberties with him. He will affectionately ask baba whether he had taken proper food and whether he had satisfied with that food. And he will ask him to give his Prasad “UDI” to him for mixing it with his medicines. He moved with him in a friendly manner.
And he also respected him, and treated him as a holy messenger of god, and considered him as his own elderly relative.
Once, Baba presented to shama a “VISHNU SAHASRANAM BOOK”. He also asked Shama to read the book regularly. Shama followed his instructions and read the book regularly till his death.

Once, Baba cured Shama from his eye infection. And he also showed him the Trilok and the Trimurties through his super natural powers. Baba gave to shama spiritual religious books as gifts to him and asked him to travel to holy places.  Shama visited many holy places like Kashi, Char Dham and Puri.

Shama did not perform special pujas to Baba. But, he kept great faith in Baba. He will used to chant the sai mantra “JAI SAI RAM” regularly till his death.

In the year 1944, Shama fell sick and died and merged with SAIBABA.

Shama’s house is situated between Dwarakamai and the Bazaar.  His house is considered as very sacred and some of the books given by baba are still found in his house. One statue of Ganapati which was given by Baba is also found in his puja room.


Shama had got an opportunity to live with sadguru sainath for such a long period of time. Throughout his life period, he served him with affection and showed sincere devotion on him. Though he had taken certain privileges from him, he never disobeyed him. Whatever instructions baba gives, he immediately follows it without any hesitation. He got such a great GURU BHAKTI. We cannot imagine such a great devotee in this today’s rough and tough world.

Let us worship the great man of shirdi and be blessed.