Vishuddhananda Paramahansa


Vishuddhananda Paramahansa (1853–1937) popularly known as Baba was a great saint.  He got great yogic powers and through that, he had removed the sufferings of the people, and cured their physical and mental illness. Once he met Paramhansa Yogananda, and discussed about spiritual matters with him. His birth name was Bholanath Chattopadhaya.


He was born in the year 1853 in a village in Bardhaman district in West Bengal. He was a great Saint and contains great devotional qualities. He learnt the basic education under his guru and he never disobeyed his Guru’s instruction. He started a spiritual training school in Tibet, and taught the importance of worshipping the god, the divine scriptures along with yoga and meditation. He was also a sakthi devotee, and got spiritual powers by worshipping her. He was not interested in living a normal life. His aim is to achieve the glory of the god, by doing meditation and doing good things to the people. He dedicated his entire life on devoting the god. He died during the year 1937 and attained SALVATION.


  1. Do your daily worship and pray for the wellness of the entire universe.
  2. Put your burdens on to the feet of the god, he will take care of you.
  3. Spirituality is a must to reach the top stage in the life.
  4. Give respect to your elders, teachers, parents and everybody, and always have a smile on your face.
  5. Don’t be arrogant and harsh over others. Show your kindness even to your enemies.
  6. Don’t get tensed and don’t lose patience. Troubles and sufferings are common to each and every person depending on their own karma.
  7. Try to learn more good things in your life, and teach it to others also.
  8. Believe that god is dwelling within you, and realize the inner spirituality in your soul.
  9. Pray to the god and beg him to save from the difficulties and problems which everybody is facing in this “KALIYUGA”, and ask him to show the path of heaven.


Through his kind approach, lot of people were regularly used to attend his lectures and got benefitted from that. He filled up spiritual energy in the mind and in the body of his devotees, and made them to do good activities in their life. He also asked the devotees to chant the “RAMA MANTRA” on a regular basis in order to attain “SALVATION”, after our death. Most of the devotees were followed his instructions and become his sincere disciples.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.




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