Sri Kalyana Guru Raghavendra Swamy


Similar to Kalyanasundarar(Lord Shiva) and Kalyana Venkatesa Perumal(Lord Vishnu), Guru Raghavendra is also called as Sri Kalyana Guru Raghavendra Swamigal, since he blesses his devotees to get married with a suitable bride/groom and also bless them to lead a happy and a peaceful married life forever in their life. Before attaining Samadhi State at Mantralayam, when one of his disciples expressed his wish of marrying to a suitable girl, Guru Raghavendra blessed him and gave him the Mritigai (Sacred Sand) and due to the significance of sacred sand, the disciple had got married with a nice girl, and also became a rich person.

Devotees of Guru Raghavendra need not become a bachelor or spinster throughout their life. If they are interested to lead a married life, and if they offer their whole heartedly prayers to Guru Raghavendra, soon the great Guru would bless them to have a wonderful married life in a peaceful manner. Even the widows/widowers/divorcees could also get an opportunity of doing second marriage, if they sincerely worship Guru Raghavendra.

In one of the songs of Guru Raghavendra, he was mentioned as the “KALYANA GURU RAGHAVENDRA”, which means the great guru would control the bad karmas of those unmarried devotees, and through his high spiritual powers, he would bless them to lead a happy married life. In our human life, marriage also forms part and parcel, since by getting a good life partner we could get the required support from them. Those who are unmarried can visit the holy shrine of Guru Raghavendra at Mantralayam, and they can submit their request to him, and at the appropriate time, their prayers would be answered by the great Guru.

Human Sufferings cannot be avoided in this Kaliyuga, and whoever born as human in this earth, must have to surely suffer for their bad karmas. By worshipping the holy Gurus like Guru Raghavendra, we can find lot of good changes in our life, like good health, marriage, children, wealth etc.