Bhaddiya was one of the five monks who left home with the Buddha and who formed the First Sangha when Buddha attained enlightenment. He was born in a wealthy and aristocratic family and was the son of Kalighoda, hence was called Kalighodaputta. He was also referred to as Lakuntaka Bhaddiya, Lakuntaka meaning dwarf as he was of very small stature. His shortness and youthful appearance always gave him the appearance of a novice and he was made fun of good humouredly by all the monks specially the new entrants but the Buddha always praised his spiritual splendour and only then did the other disciples realise his greatness and seniority.


After the enlightenment of the Buddha he heard his sermons and attained Arahantship very quickly. This was because he was a highly exalted soul and had been born with the Buddha in a number of earlier births. He was thus always unaffected by praise or blame and was serene minded and content at all times. He had a sweet voice so his discourses were very inspiring and pleasing to hear and the Buddha always praised them. He was always seen dwelling in the bliss of Nirvana in solitude and always praised the fearless state and joy that enlightenment brought against the harsh sensory pleasures of the ephemeral world which was transitory and illusory in nature. Also he stated that it was paradoxical that when he was rich and worldly he was fearful and unhappy but when he renounced everything he was content and blissful.


Bhaddiya was one of the five monks who were among the first to attain sainthood in the lifetime of the Buddha. Being one of the senior most monks he preached and helped the younger monks in their spiritual path and was serene as a rock unaffected by praise or blame. He was always inwardly in communion with the Divine and though very short his countenance shone with his inner light of illumination.