Similar to the sixty three Nayanmar Saints who were devoted to Lord Shiva, there are also six Murugan Saints who are collectively known as Skandanars. Most of the Murugan devotees are not aware about the six great Skandanars, and hence, it is my duty to tell about their details, sinceRead More →


Sri Panduranga Dasa (1284-1364) was a devotee of Lord Panduranga, and a poet and saint. He was the disciple of the great saint Sri Pandarinath, and along with his Guru, he has written many bhakti songs on Lord Panduranga. His Guru has praised him for his great efficiency in writing and singing songs inRead More →

Sri Narayana Teertha (1650–1745) was a Vaishnavite saint and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and composed and sung many songs on him. Narayana was born in a village at Andhra Pradesh to a pious Hindu family. He was an intelligent student and quickly grasped all the subjects. He contains very good qualitiesRead More →

Muruganar (1890-1973) is a great devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi. He was born in a pious Brahmin family in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu. He composed lot of poems in praise of Ramana Bhagavan, and Lord Shiva with great devotion. His birth name was Subramania Iyer. He was a great TamilRead More →

Paramaguru Swamigal (18th century) was a Srilankan Saint and a great siddha purusha. He was born in Srilanka in a pious family, and his father was worked as a gardener in a rich landlord’s house. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He was interested in deep spirituality, andRead More →


Appanacharya was a direct disciple of Guru Raghavendra Swamigal and he was born in Bichali village in the Raichur district of Karnataka. Bichali is situated on the banks of Tungabhadra. Bichali is also known as Bhikshalaya. He studied vedas and other devotional scriptures at his younger age itself, and had got the opportunity of serving theRead More →


Daskanu is an ardent devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and lived during the period of Sai Baba. He was the main person towards delivering the teachings of sai baba to the general public. His sincere service to sai baba cannot be forgotten by the devotees of sai baba. ThoseRead More →

Virochana was the noble and pious son of Bhakta Prahalad. He was also a great Vishnu devotee similar to his father. He learnt all the sacred texts at his younger age itself. Though he was born in the family of daityas, he was a humble and a good king, whoRead More →

Several centuries back, Chinniah, a Harijan Cobbler lived in a village near Tirupati. He was doing his profession of stitching the slippers and shoes for his customers and maintained his family through that income. Due to his past birth karma, he has suffered from severe paralysis. One day while heRead More →

Tripurasura, the father of Gayasura, was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. After his death, his son, Gayasura, became the king, and he was also a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He performed severe penance on Lord Vishnu and attained the boon of immortality: not to be killed by any oneRead More →

Banasura was a thousand-armed Asura king, and the son of Bali, and the great grand-son of Bhakt Prahalad. Banasura is believed to have ruled the present-day Assam. Banasura, a great demon king, once ruled over a large kingdom. He was a brave and a courageous ruler who never got afraid of any one. Even the devasRead More →

Bhaskararaya (1690–1785) is a great devotee of mother Adhi Parasakthi. He was born in Andhra Pradesh, was patronised by the kings of South India, due to his great efficiency in all subjects and he settled down in Tamil Nadu.  According to several indian and foreign scholars, Bhaskararaya was a great saint and alsoRead More →