The most ancient and extensive manuscripts have been the timeless and unequalled heritage of the world. “Hindu scriptures” given the diverse nature of Hinduism, which include Vedas and Upnishads. Hindu sacred literatures are the most pervasive religious writings in the world.Read More →

Vedic Culture is the way to lead life happily and with a peaceful mind. The Vedic Way is a school of life for the complete development and elevation of the whole human being. The Vedic culture occupies the most prominent place in Indian history.Read More →

Give you the spiritual power to cleanse the soul. Mantra meditation helps to activate an altered state of consciousness to channel the mind, while prayers are the practice to surge the positive energy in life. Read More →

India is a country of historical significance and historic places are its cultural heritage. Each historic place in the country represents the style of Indian Art and Culture. Historical monuments are the true wealth of heritage tourism of India.Read More →

Indian Culture is full of several unique customs and traditions. Following rituals also leaves a positive impact on our day to day life. Hindu customs symbolize morality. It’s good to know WHY we are following the customs from ages.Read More →

The Vedic Science provides an authentic source of knowledge. Explore the nature of your own inner self, through practice of the Transcendental Meditation by Vedic Science.Read More →

The festivals celebrated in India are the true manifestation of its rich culture and traditions. India is well known all over the world as a country of cultural and traditional festivals, where people from different religions coexist harmoniously.Read More →