MA POLERAMMA INTRODUCTION Poleramma is the Village guardian goddess, and she is mostly worshipped by the people in Andhra Pradesh. Poleramma is an incarnation of Ma Shakti Devi, and she is worshipped since ancient times. As per legend, she was born in a village at Andhra Pradesh in a pious Telugu family, and her brotherRead More →

BABA PITHALDEV MAHARAJ INTRODUCTION Pithaldev Ji Maharaj, also called as Baba is a village god in Rajasthan. Baba Pithaldev is also worshiped as the Kula Deva and Ishta Deva in some districts in Rajasthan. His various other names are Baba Prithviraj and Prithvi Singh. It is believed that he took birth at a villageRead More →

LORD BHAUMIA INTRODUCTION Lord Bhaumia is believed to be the earth god, and he is considered to be the brother of Ma Bhudevi, and he is worshipped as a village guardian deity in some parts of Punjab and Rajasthan. Most of the people in Rajasthan would do special pujas to him, before constructing/purchasingRead More →

WIVES OF LORD KRISHNA INTRODUCTION Lord Krishna is our divine saviour, and he lived in the previous Dwapara Yuga. His main wives are: Rukmani Satyabhama Jambavati Kalindi Bhadra Mitravinda Satya Lakshmana Among these eight principle wives, Ma Rukmani is considered as the chief wife. Apart from these wives, it isRead More →

PERIYA THIRUVADI AND SIRIYA THIRUVADI INTRODUCTION Thiruvadi means the one who serves as a humble servant to the great almighty. Periya Thiruvadi refers to Lord Garuda, since he is occupying the position of Vahana to Lord Vishnu, and he lives in the Vaikunta along with Lord Vishnu and Mata LakshmiRead More →

CHILDHOOD PLAYS OF LORD HANUMAN INTRODUCTION Lord Hanuman is the best avatar of Lord Shiva, and he is an obedient servant of Lord Rama. Though he remained as a humble servant of Lord Rama, Lord Rama didn’t treat him as his slave, but treated him as his dear friend, and consideredRead More →

THE HOLY MOUNTAIN HIMALAYAS INTRODUCTION The another name for the holy mountain Himalayas is Himavan, and he is the son of Lord brahma, and his consort is Mata Maina also called as Menavati, and his brothers are Jambavan and Narada. His children are Mata Ganga, Mata Parvati and the HolyRead More →

DHARMA SHASTA INTRODUCTION Shasta also known as Sri Dharma Shasta is a famous Hindu god. Lord Ayyanar and Lord Ayyappa  are the forms of Sri Dharma Shasta. In some ancient Hindu texts, the incarnations and the significance of Lord Shasta is mentioned. Shasta is believed to be the son of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu.Read More →

BHANU – SON OF LORD KRISHNA INTRODUCTION Bhanu was the son of Lord Shri Krishna and Mata Satyabhama, and he closely resembles Lord Krishna in appearance. He was married with Suthanu, who was the daughter of Yudhishthira and Draupadi, and their son was Vajra. Banu moved closely with the Pandavas, and won their heart. He wasRead More →

MATA CHITRALEKHA INTRODUCTION Chitralekha was the goddess of magic, and she lived in the previous Dwapara Yuga. She was a friend of Usha, who was the daughter of Banasura, who ruled the present day India through his great powers. Once, Usha dreamt of meeting a lovely person, who is none other than Lord Krishna’sRead More →

MATA JAYANTHI – DAUGHTER OF LORD INDRA INTRODUCTION As per legend, Jayanti is the daughter of Indra, the god of Devas, and his consort Indrani. Jayanti was married to Shukra, the god of Friday, and the Guru of Daityas, and their daughter is Devayani. Jayanti is the sister of Jayanta, and she contains the features of Devi Durga.Read More →

ILA – CONSORT OF LORD BUDHAN INTRODUCTION Ila also called as Sudyumna is mentioned in the Puranas as the son of Lord Manu, the mind born son of Lord Brahma. Ila is an ancient ruler of the Lunar dynasty. He is also mentioned in the Vedas, and his son was Pururavas. Ila wasRead More →

MATA JWALINI – CONSORT OF LORD MANGALA INTRODUCTION Jwalini is the consort of Lord Mangala, the Lord of planet Mars, and the god of Tuesday. He looks red in colour and hence his planet is known as red planet. Lord Mangala contains the features of Lord Muruga, and he is also believed toRead More →

MATA TARA – CONSORT OF LORD BRIHASPATI INTRODUCTION Tara is the consort of Lord Brihaspati, Guru for the Devas, and he is the god of Thursday, and the planet Jupiter. Tara was mentioned in ancient texts, and she is described as a very beautiful lady. Once when Lord Chandra studied VedicRead More →

OUR LOVE WITH OUR HOLY AMMAN INTRODUCTION Amman is considered to be the Chief deity of the Hindus. She is worshipped in various names, and she is having temples all over the world. She acts as an affectionate mother for us, looks after our day to day needs, and satisfiesRead More →

PASHA INTRODUCTION Pasha is the divine weapon of Lord Ganesha, it is also called as “Angusha”, and it looks in golden colour, and it also looks very beautiful in appearance. Through his Pasha, Lord Ganesha removes our evil behaviour, and helps us to generate a good behaviour. Pasha also removes theRead More →

TRISHULA INTRODUCTION Trishula is a divine weapon, and it also represents the “Victory Symbol”, and it is used by Lord Shiva, who holds it in his hands. Trishula was mentioned in ancient Puranas, Vedas and other holy texts, and it is considered as a very sacred weapon since it belongs to Lord Shiva.Read More →

VAJRAYUDHA INTRODUCTION Vajrayudha is the divine weapon of Lord Indra Bhagavan, and he is the master of devas, and the god of rains, and he resides in the Indra Loka, also called as Swarka Loka. He has used this powerful weapon during the times of battles with the demons, andRead More →

VEL INTRODUCTION Spear also known as Vel in tamil, is related with Murugan, son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, and he is also called as VelMurugan and by several other names. He is mostly worshipped by the Tamil speaking people in Tamil Nadu and also in some foreign countries likeRead More →

SURASUNDARI – DAUGHTER OF LORD VARUNA INTRODUCTION Surasundari is the daughter of Lord Varuna and Mata Varuni. Lord Varuna is the god of ocean, whereas Varuni is the goddess of wine. The importance of Surasundari is mentioned in Vedas and Puranas, and she is considered as the controller of the River GoddessesRead More →