Child Shiva

    CHILD SHIVA INTRODUCTION Lord Shiva took the form of child for two times. Once he took the form of a child along with Lord Brahma and Vishnu, when all of them have decided to test the chastity of Ma Anusuya, the pious consort of the great Rishi Atri.Read More →

Ma Brahmaputra

  MA BRAHMAPUTRA – THE SACRED RIVER INTRODUCTION The holy river Ma Brahmaputra originates from the holy  Manasarovar Lake  which is situated near Mount Kailash, in the Himalayan Mountain ranges at Tibet and it flows through Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Bangladesh. It is one of the biggest rivers in theRead More →

Heramba Ganapati

  HERAMBA INTRODUCTION Heramba refers to the gigantic form of Lord Ganapati, and in this form, he appears with five heads and ten arms, he contains various weapons in his hands, and he is having wonderful temples at Bangalore and Tamil Nadu, which would be very much crowded during theRead More →

GAJANANA INTRODUCTION Gajanana refers to Lord Vinayaka, since he contains an elephant head. He also got this name, since he killed the dreaded demon Gajamukhasura. As per legend, it is believed that Lord Vinayaka was born out of the powers of Ma Shakti Devi. Once he served as Gananatha, theRead More →

BALASIVAN INTRODUCTION Lord Shiva took the form of child for two times. Once he took the form of a child along with Lord Brahma and Vishnu, when all of them have decided to test the chastity of Ma Anusuya, the pious consort of the great Rishi Atri. Second time, afterRead More →

KAURAVYA IN MAHABHARATA INTRODUCTION Kauravya was the father of Ulupi and the grandfather of Aravan. His wife was Vishvahini. He is the god of snakes and resides at the Naga Loka, which is situated below the earth. Ulupi was the Naga Princess, and when she was bathing in the River along with herRead More →

SINDOOR HANUMAN INTRODUCTION Sindoor is a type of holy mark in Hinduism, similar to sacred ash and sandal paste. It appears in orange and red colour and it would be mostly applied by Hindu married women on their foreheads, and they used to apply this paste, in order to show themselves as marriedRead More →

MAYASURA- THE DEMON ARCHITECT INTRODUCTION Mayasura is a demon architect, and he was mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. He is the son of Rishi Kashyapa and Diti. He was married with a pious and a chaste lady Hema, and he had four children, and Mandhodhari is his daughter, whoRead More →

YAMA KINGARAS INTRODUCTION Yama Kingaras are also known as the divine attendants of Lord Yama, who reside in the Yama Loka, and serves sincerely and obediently to their boss Lord Yama. They contain the features of their master Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja, and they are discharging their duties in anRead More →

KANNAKI AMMAN INTRODUCTION Kannaki Amman is the divine form of the pious and noble woman Kannagi, who was worshipped mainly in Sri Lanka and Kerala. She is considered as the goddess of chastity, rain and fertilization. She is also worshipped by the Sinhalese Buddhists as Pattini Deviyo. There is also a statue of Kannaki at Bharathi Salai, Marina Beach,Read More →

DEVASENA INTRODUCTION Devasena is the mother goddess and the consort of Lord Muruga.  She is also known as Devayanai. Devasena is believed to be the daughter of Lord Indra, the chief of the demi gods. She got married with Lord Muruga in the Tirupparankunram, which is later constructed as Murugan Temple. According to ancientRead More →

MITRA INTRODUCTION Mitra is a chief deity who was mentioned in the Rigveda, and he is considered as the god of faithfulness, honesty, friendship, contracts and meetings. He is considered as one among the Adityas, and he is the son of Rishi Kashyapa and Aditi. He also gets his share ofRead More →

PUSHPADANTA INTRODUCTION Pushpadanta was considered as one of the Lord Shiva’s chief divine attendants. He attained the position after performing severe penance on Lord Shiva. Once he served as a temple priest at a Shiva temple in North India. Suddenly, he heard the voice of the divine from the mainRead More →

RAHU-KETU LOKA INTRODUCTION Rahu and Ketu are considered as Navagrahas, and they are mentioned as demonic deities in the Hindu Texts. Once, Svarbanu, son of Viprajith and Simhika took the form of a Deva and drank the divine nectar along with the Devas, at the time of the churning of theRead More →

NIRUTI LOKA INTRODUCTION Niruti is one among the Ashta Dikpalakas such as Kubera, Yama, Indra, Varuna, Ishana, Agni and Vayu. Niruti Deva is also considered as a female aspect of Ma Shakti Devi, but in most of the texts he is mentioned as a male deity, and he is theRead More →

SHUKRA LOKA INTRODUCTION Shukra Loka is the abode of Lord Shukracharya, and he is the god of Friday, which is also considered as an auspicious day for buying gold and other valuable articles. He is the guru for the demons, and he is the planet Venus, who is one of the popularRead More →

BRIHASPATI LOKA INTRODUCTION Brihaspati is one among the Navagrahas, and he is also a Guru for the Devas. He is also known as Planet Jupiter. He guided Lord Indra and other demi gods, and taught Vedic subjects to them. His father was Rishi Angarisa, and his consort is Ma Tara, and hisRead More →

BUDHA LOKA INTRODUCTION Budha graha is one among the Navagrahas, and he is the planet Mercury. He is mentioned in various Puranas and in Vedas. Budha is the son of Lord Chandra and Ma Tara. His consort is Ila, and his son is Pururavas, and he resides in the Budha Loka.Read More →

ANGARAKA LOKA INTRODUCTION Angaraka also known as Mangala, and Mars, is the red planet, and he is the god of war, and he is considered as an aspect of Lord Muruga. In one legend, he was mentioned as the son of Lord Varaha and Ma Bhudevi, whereas in another legend, he isRead More →

VEDAVATI – AN INCARNATION OF MA BHUDEVI INTRODUCTION As per ancient legend, Vedavati is an incarnation of Ma Bhudevi, and after her death, she has taken birth as Sita Devi, the pious and chaste consort of Lord Rama, and she is a worshipful mother goddess. Vedavati is the daughter of sage Kushadhvaja, and the granddaughter of Brihaspati,Read More →