Unknown Facts About Lord Hanuman

Unknown Facts About Lord Hanuman INTRODUCTION Lot of interesting incidents are associated with Lord Hanuman, especially, when he served as the divine attendant to Lord Rama, after the completion of his exile term, and after he becomes the king of Ayodhya. Lord Hanuman served very faithfully and fondly to LordRead More →

Gandharva King Chitrasena

Gandharva King Chitrasena INTRODUCTION Chi­trasena is a Gandharva king, and he is also a close friend of Lord Indra. He was mentioned in the Mahabharata as a charming and a nice person who contains excellent qualities. He is very good in warfare and a great Archer. When Arjuna went toRead More →

Mother Goddess Bettathamma

Mother Goddess Bettathamma INTRODUCTION Bettathamma, is considered as a mother goddess by her devotees, and her famous temple is situated in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu.  Bettathamma, also called as Bettathamman is worshipped by a certain community of people, who are known as Badagas, and they are the lovely children ofRead More →

Jagath Samhara Moorthy

Jagath Samhara Moorthy INTRODUCTION Lord Shiva is also called as Jagath Samhara Moorthy, since he destroys the entire universe during the time of Deluge also called as Mahapralaya. While Lord Brahma takes charge of creation work, Lord Vishnu takes charge of protection work, like wise Lord Shiva takes charge ofRead More →

Sri Shakti Vinayaka Moorthy

Sri Shakti Vinayaka Moorthy INTRODUCTION Lord Vinayaka is also known as Shakti Vinayaka Moorthy, since he was born out of the powers of Ma Shakti Devi. As per legend, once Ma Shakti Devi created Vinayaka, since she wants a lovely son who is capable of granting boons to his devoteesRead More →

Harmonium Vinayaga

Harmonium Vinayaga INTRODUCTION Lord Vinayaka is a beautiful god, and his appearance would steal the hearts of his devotees, since in most of the pictures, he looks very childish in appearance. Lord Vinayaka is worshipped in various names, and out of that, Vinayaka worshipped as Cricket Vinayaka and as HarmoniumRead More →


Ma Gundodari INTRODUCTION As per our ancient Puranas, Ma Gundodari is considered as the holy divine attendant of Ma Shakti Devi. She has been named like that, due to her fat body. We could have seen the images of Ma Gundodari in some temple Gopurams of Ma Shakti Devi, whoRead More →

Shiva Mahima

SHIVA MAHIMA INTRODUCTION Lord Shiva can be praised for his good qualities like simplicity, adjustability and generosity. He is very generous of given sufficient wealth to his devotees, and also would add lot of Punya to their life account. Even some of the non-worshippers of god, and even some peopleRead More →

Significance Of Lord Kali Purusha

SIGNIFICANCE OF LORD KALI PURUSHA INTRODUCTION According to legend, Kali Purusha is created by Lord Brahma during the end of the Dwapara Yuga. He is having the features of Lord Brahma and contains his powers. He has been deputed by Lord Brahma to cause harm to the sinful people, andRead More →


BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE OF MA SHAKTI DEVI INTRODUCTION Ma Shakti Devi contains very attractive features, and she contains a beautiful appearance. She has been praised by the great saints like Adi Shankara for her pleasing look. Tamil speaking Hindu devotees, used to fondly call her as Amman, and she would beRead More →


SIGNIFICANACE OF LORD SURYA BHAGAVAN INTRODUCTION Lord Surya Bhagavan gives brightness to the entire world, and through his bright rays, he is showering his grace to the entire universe. He is tirelessly performing his duties by sitting in a beautiful Chariot which was driven by seven beautiful horses, and hisRead More →


AYYAPPA SWAMY IS OUR BEST SWAMY INTRODUCTION Ayyappa Swamy is our best Swamy, since we are offering special pujas to him during the Tamil months of Karthigai, Margazhi and Thai Months, and Mandala Puja also takes place during that period. Unlike visiting other temples, we cannot easily visit the ShrineRead More →


LORD MURUGA IS EVERYTHING FOR US INTRODUCTION We must have to consider that Lord Muruga is everything in our life. Lord Muruga is the beloved son of Parvati and Parameswara, brother of the first god, Vinayaka, and he also contains great powers similar to his parents. In the Muruga Purana,Read More →

Sri MaaPillai Vinayaka

SRI MAAPILLAI VINAYAKA INTRODUCTION Lord Vinayaka is fondly called as Maapillai Vinayaka and few temples are also dedicated to him in that name. In these temples, similar to the newly wedded bridegroom, Lord Vinayaka appears very beautifully and neatly dressed with costly garments, and his body is decorated with preciousRead More →


LIFE HISTORY OF LORD RAMA INTRODUCTION Rama also called as Srirama and Sriramachandra Moorthy, is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and he is widely worshipped throughout the world by the Hindus. Lord Rama though he is considered as a supreme Lord, but didn’t utilise his powers unnecessarily during the period ofRead More →


SIGNIFICANCE OF LORD YAMA INTRODUCTION Whenever the word “YAMA” comes from our mouth, immediately our mind would be filled up with full of fear and most of us are trying to avoid                  in reciting his name. Lord Yama is one of theRead More →


MA BRAHMA VIDHYA, THE PIOUS CONSORT OF LORD BRAHMA INTRODUCTION Ma Brahma Vidhya is another form of Ma Saraswati, she is the mother of knowledge and in this form she imparts her vast knowledge to others. Vidhya means knowledge, and since she is considered as the goddess of knowledge, andRead More →

MA LAKSHMI DEVI, THE BEAUTIFUL CONSORT OF LORD VISHNU INTRODUCTION The divine appearance of Ma Lakshmi Devi looks very beautiful and she is considered to be the perfect match for her consort Lord Vishnu. As per legend, during the time of churning of the divine ocean, Ma Lakshmi had emergedRead More →


MA SHAKTI DEVI, THE BEST CONSORT OF LORD SHIVA INTRODUCTION Ma Shakti Devi is the best consort of Lord Shiva, and that’s why she has occupied half of the body of Lord Shiva. She is very much liked by Lord Shiva due to her obedience, bhakti and love and affectionRead More →