LORD PUSHKARA INTRODUCTION Pushkara is the son of Lord Varuna and Mata Varuni, and his wife is the daughter of Lord Chandra. He had guided Lord Parasurama in handling weapons and taught various kinds of arts to him. Pushkara is living in the Varuna Loka along with his parents, andRead More →

VARUNI INTRODUCTION Varuni, also known as Jaladevi, is the consort of Lord Varuna, and she is the goddess of wine. In some Hindu temple sculptures, Varuni is found along with Varuna. She is described in the Vedas and Hindu Sacred texts. She is also considered as an incarnation of Mata Lakshmi. According toRead More →

KRISHNA AND RAMA INTRODUCTION Both Lord Krishna and Lord Rama are considered as the favourite gods among the Hindu householders, and most of the parents would tell stories about Rama and Krishna to their children during their night time, and also during the time of eating their food. The namesRead More →

THE DIVINE DEATH GOD, LORD YAMA DHARMA MAHARAJA INTRODUCTION Lord Yama is the god of death, and it is his duty to remove our life during the time of our death. Lord Yama is a Vedic god, and whoever performs the fire sacrifices, and chants his mantra, he receives theRead More →

THE GREATNESS OF LORD CHITRAGUPTA INTRODUCTION Lord Chitragupta is serving as a divine accountant under Lord Yama Dharma, and he is considered as the son of Mata Parvati, since he has emerged from the Chitra (Picture) drawn by Mata Parvati. He is giving the correct calculations of the activities doneRead More →

GREATNESS OF LORD SANEESWARA BHAGAVAN INTRODUCTION Lord Saneeswara is the god of justice, and he is the son of Lord Surya and Mata Chaya Devi. The powers of Lord Saneeswara are unlimited. He is the brother of Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja, and both of them are living their life asRead More →

LORD KORAGAJJA INTRODUCTION Lord Koragajja is a form of Lord Shiva, and he is worshipped as the main deity in Mangalore. Some sects of Mangalore people worship him as their Kula Deva. Koragajja is considered as one of the most sacred god in Mangalore, and he is considered as veryRead More →

MATA BISILAMMA Among the various village goddesses, Mata Bisilamma contains supreme powers, and safeguards her devotees throughout their life. She is our affectionate mother, who responds immediately to our urgent call. She protects her devotees from their enemies, thieves and from bad elements etc. In case of her true devotees,Read More →

INTRODUCTION Rukmani was the princess of Vidarbha and she was born in the holy city of Haridwar, and she is the consort of Lord Krishna. Due to the dislike with Krishna, her brother Rukmi arranged her marriage with Sishupala. But Lord Krishna fought with the kings and got married with Rukmani. She was mentionedRead More →

INTRODUCTION We are the human beings born in this earth, and everyone is suffering from some kind of problems, and some may suffer from big problems, other may suffer from small problems. No human beings are entirely living happily in this world. Is there is any solution for that? Yes!Read More →

INTRODUCTION Parjanya is a deity of rain, thunder, lightning and he also fertilizes the earth.  He is controlled by Lord Indra, and discharges his duties along with him, since Lord Indra is also considered as the rain god. He suitably rewards the writers and poets and he is an enemy forRead More →

INTRODUCTION Pancika is a yaksha and his consort is Hariti, and they had hundreds of children. According to the legend, Pancika was the army general of Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, and enjoys great powers by controlling the Yaksha army. He fought with several powerful warriors and won in the battles. Pancika appears along with his consortRead More →

INTRODUCTION Nagas are mentioned in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism texts and they are considered as divine deities and reside in the Patala Loka. They contain great powers, and can take any form at any time. They are also related with gods and goddess like Nagathamman, Nagalingeswarar and Ananta Padmanabha swamy etc. Among the Nagas, AdiseshaRead More →

INTRODUCTION Mitra is a chief deity who was mentioned in the Rigveda, and he is considered as the god of faithfulness, honesty, friendship, contracts and meetings. He is considered as one among the Adityas, and he is the son of Rishi Kashyapa and Aditi. He also gets his share of oblationRead More →

INTRODUCTION According to Vinayaka Purana, Mahorkada Vinayagar was born as the son of Rishi Kashyapa and his consort Mata Adithi during the Treta Yuga. He was mainly born to kill the cruel demons, since they have got lot of boons from Lord Shiva, and they could not be defeated byRead More →

INTRODUCTION Once, the entire universe was suffered from the clutches of the powerful demons. The demons got various boons from the gods by doing penance and tried to rule the earth and heaven. Among the fierce demons, Raktabija was the cruel one, and he used to disturb the sages fromRead More →

INTRODUCTION Jayanta is the son of Lord Indra and Mata Indrani. He is considered as the prince of the Swarka Loka. His sister is Jayanti, and he is mentioned in various Hindu divine texts. He also fought with various demons to support his father Indra. He is a pious andRead More →

INTRODUCTION Heaven and Hell is the term used in almost all the religions. In a nutshell, those who do good things in their life would go to heaven, and those who commits bad things in their life would go to hell. But our fate is already predetermined by the god,Read More →

INTRODUCTION In Hinduism, why do we have lot of gods, goddesses, saints and worshipful river goddesses? The main thing is to concentrate our attention on devotional matters, and not on other unnecessary activities, and people are worshipping their favourite gods and goddesses based on their dedication. In general, all theRead More →