KANNAKI AMMAN INTRODUCTION Kannaki Amman is the divine form of the pious and noble woman Kannagi, who was worshipped mainly in Sri Lanka and Kerala. She is considered as the goddess of chastity, rain and fertilization. She is also worshipped by the Sinhalese Buddhists as Pattini Deviyo. There is also a statue of Kannaki at Bharathi Salai, Marina Beach,Read More →

DEVASENA INTRODUCTION Devasena is the mother goddess and the consort of Lord Muruga.  She is also known as Devayanai. Devasena is believed to be the daughter of Lord Indra, the chief of the demi gods. She got married with Lord Muruga in the Tirupparankunram, which is later constructed as Murugan Temple. According to ancientRead More →

MITRA INTRODUCTION Mitra is a chief deity who was mentioned in the Rigveda, and he is considered as the god of faithfulness, honesty, friendship, contracts and meetings. He is considered as one among the Adityas, and he is the son of Rishi Kashyapa and Aditi. He also gets his share ofRead More →

PUSHPADANTA INTRODUCTION Pushpadanta was considered as one of the Lord Shiva’s chief divine attendants. He attained the position after performing severe penance on Lord Shiva. Once he served as a temple priest at a Shiva temple in North India. Suddenly, he heard the voice of the divine from the mainRead More →

RAHU-KETU LOKA INTRODUCTION Rahu and Ketu are considered as Navagrahas, and they are mentioned as demonic deities in the Hindu Texts. Once, Svarbanu, son of Viprajith and Simhika took the form of a Deva and drank the divine nectar along with the Devas, at the time of the churning of theRead More →

NIRUTI LOKA INTRODUCTION Niruti is one among the Ashta Dikpalakas such as Kubera, Yama, Indra, Varuna, Ishana, Agni and Vayu. Niruti Deva is also considered as a female aspect of Ma Shakti Devi, but in most of the texts he is mentioned as a male deity, and he is theRead More →

SHUKRA LOKA INTRODUCTION Shukra Loka is the abode of Lord Shukracharya, and he is the god of Friday, which is also considered as an auspicious day for buying gold and other valuable articles. He is the guru for the demons, and he is the planet Venus, who is one of the popularRead More →

BRIHASPATI LOKA INTRODUCTION Brihaspati is one among the Navagrahas, and he is also a Guru for the Devas. He is also known as Planet Jupiter. He guided Lord Indra and other demi gods, and taught Vedic subjects to them. His father was Rishi Angarisa, and his consort is Ma Tara, and hisRead More →

BUDHA LOKA INTRODUCTION Budha graha is one among the Navagrahas, and he is the planet Mercury. He is mentioned in various Puranas and in Vedas. Budha is the son of Lord Chandra and Ma Tara. His consort is Ila, and his son is Pururavas, and he resides in the Budha Loka.Read More →

ANGARAKA LOKA INTRODUCTION Angaraka also known as Mangala, and Mars, is the red planet, and he is the god of war, and he is considered as an aspect of Lord Muruga. In one legend, he was mentioned as the son of Lord Varaha and Ma Bhudevi, whereas in another legend, he isRead More →

VEDAVATI – AN INCARNATION OF MA BHUDEVI INTRODUCTION As per ancient legend, Vedavati is an incarnation of Ma Bhudevi, and after her death, she has taken birth as Sita Devi, the pious and chaste consort of Lord Rama, and she is a worshipful mother goddess. Vedavati is the daughter of sage Kushadhvaja, and the granddaughter of Brihaspati,Read More →

MATRIKAS INTRODUCTION Matrikas are the mother goddesses who are always found together in the temples. Matrikas are the various forms of Ma Shakti Devi, and they are emerged from various deities and they are the consorts of Lord Indra, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The Matrikas are usually worshipped in seven forms,Read More →

UKRA KUMARA PANDIYAN INTRODUCTION Ukra Kumara Pandiyan was the son of Lord Sundareswarar, and Mata Meenakshi. He was also known as Ukkira Peru Vazhuti. Lord Sundareswarar and Mata Meenakshi are the forms of Lord Shiva and Parvati and their son Ukkira Kumara Pandiyan is a form of Lord Muruga. MaRead More →

VEHICLE OF LORD DAKSHA BHAGAVAN AND NIRUDI DEVATA INTRODUCTION For most of the divine personalities, their usual vehicles would be either animals or birds like Garuda, Nandi, Peacock and Mouse. But rarely humans also serve as vehicle to the divine personalities, like Nirudi Devata and Lord Daksha Bhagavan. Both ofRead More →

FIRST VAHANAM OF LORD MURUGA INTRODUCTION Prior to having peacock as his Vehicle, Goat is believed to be the First Vahanam of Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga was born from the third eye spark of Lord Shiva, in order to kill the powerful demon Surapadma. In order to prove his powers, Lord Muruga playfully foughtRead More →

VAIKUNTHA CHATURMURTI INTRODUCTION Vaikuntha Chaturmurti is a powerful aspect of Lord Vishnu, who contains four heads, and he is worshipped by the Hindus in Kashmir in the temples of Lord Vishnu. This form is considered to be the supreme manifestation of Lord Vishnu. He contains a human head, a lion head, aRead More →

KAN DRISHTI VINAYAGAR INTRODUCTION Kan Drishti Vinayagar is a popular form of Lord Vinayagar. He is mainly worshipped by the people to safeguard from the evil eyes of others, and also to remove black magic problems and enemy related problems etc. Lord Vinayaka is the remover of obstacles and wouldRead More →

SANGUKARNAR INTRODUCTION During the Krita Yuga, in the Brahma Lok, among the several devas, there lived a noble deva, whose name is SANGUKARNAR. His main job is to come to the earth and pluck the fragrant flowers, and take it to the Brahma Loka, and give it to Lord BrahmaRead More →

NALLATHANGAL INTRODUCTION Nallathangal history is based on the  sufferings faced by Nallathangal in her life and she is popularly worshipped by the people of Tamil Nadu. It is believed that she is still living in her temple and blessing her devotees. She had committed suicide by falling into the well along with herRead More →

BHIKSHATANA INTRODUCTION Bhikshatana is a form of Lord Shiva who appears in the form of a beggar with a begging bowl in his hand. Bhikshatana appears in nude form, and he looks very bright, shines like the glittering sun, and he is followed by his devotees. Bhikshatana wanders in the entireRead More →