INTRODUCTION Sri Balasubramaniya Swamigal was born in the year 1937 in Karur into a pious Mudaliar Family. He was taken to nearby temples by his mother at his younger age itself, and made him to be a staunch Shiva Bhakta. His affectionate mother and his sisters were died at hisRead More →

INTRODUCTION Rohini is the star goddess specially created by Lord Brahma and took birth as the daughter of the great DAKSHA PRAJAPATI, who was the son of Lord Brahma. She was one among the 27 stars, who were also the daughters of Lord Daksha. Among these 27 stars, Rohini StarRead More →

INTRODUCTION Poondi Mahan (20th century) is a great Saint and lived in poondi village, near Tiruvannamalai Tamilnadu. From his younger age itself, he was deeply attached with spirituality and used to regularly visit the temples and do the pujas, and sometimes wander in the streets by chanting the mantras ofRead More →

INTRODUCTION Mandodari was the  consort of Lanka king Ravana, and she was very beautiful, pious, and a chaste woman. It is believed that in her previous birth, she was a celestial dancer, and due to a curse, she was born as Mandodari. Mandodari was the daughter of Mayasura, the King of the demons and sheRead More →

INTRODUCTION Gopikamba (16th century) was a pious and a noble woman and the wife of the great scholar Sri Timmanacharya. The holy couples had three children: Gururaja, Venkatanatha, Venkatamba. Among the three, Sri Venkatanatha in his teenage, has become a great saint, and has given the title “SRI RAGHAVENDRA TIRTHA”.Read More →

INTRODUCTION Sharane Sri Danamma Devi was a follower of Basavanna and she is considered as an avatar of Ma Parvati and she is called as “LINGAMMA“. She was born in jatta taluk of bijapur district at Maharashtra. She is worshipped by Lingayats and by the people of Karnataka. She is also calledRead More →

INTRODUCTION Gangamma Devi Temple is situated at Boyakonda, Andhra Pradesh 517257. This is a holy temple dedicated to Mata Gangamma Devi, who is considered as an incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. Hundreds of years ago, the tribal community people known as Boyas were lived in the forest located near the hills. They were againstRead More →

INTRODUCTION Lord Satyanarayana is a form of Lord Vishnu, who is worshipped by his devotees during the full moon days. Satyanaravana Vratha is a famous vritham(fasting) which will be observed by the devotees during the performance of satyanarayana pooja. Though it is not compulsory to observe fasting, but observing fastingRead More →

Content ·         Introduction ·         Legends of the Vamanavtar ·         Iconography of Vamanavtar ·         Temples ·         Worship ·         Symbolism Introduction Vaman, the dwarf is the fifth incarnation of Vishnu and it took place in Tretayuga, the second Yuga. He appeared in the form of a dwarf brahmin, without any special anthropomorphicRead More →

Contents Introduction Ramayan Valmiki Ramayan Ramcharitmanas Ram in classical Sanskrut Literature Legends of Ram Avatar Birth Childhood Marriage Kaikeyi’s Demand and Ram’s Vanvaas Bharat’s Visit Read More →

Content ·         Introduction ·         Legends of the Parshuramavtar ·         Parshuram in the Ramayan ·         Parshuram in the Mahabharat ·         Iconography of ParshuramAvtar ·         Temples ·         Worship ·         Symbolism Introduction The sixth incarnation of Vishnu was a personality born to destroy not one or two evil forces or demons but aRead More →

Contents Introduction Legends of KrishnAvatar (Life) Birth Putanavadh Childhood Kaliyamardan Youth Govardhandharna Kamsavadh Dwaraka Marriage Nirvan Krishn in Mahabharat Bhagvadgita Iconography of KrishnAvtar Temples Vrindavan Puri Worship Janmashtami The most famous Avatar Balram and Krishn Introduction The Blue god Krishn is the eighth and probably the most famous incarnation ofRead More →

Contents Introduction The Kalki Avatar Iconography Temples Symbolism References Introduction Kalki is the tenth and future incarnation of Vishnu. It is predicted in various puranas and other texts that Vishnu will incarnate himself as Kalki at the end of Kali Yuga. Kalki is predicted as the destroyer of ‘Mlechhas’ TheRead More →