INTRODUCTION Samba was the son of Lord Krishna, and Jambavati. His grandfather was the great “JAMBAVAN”, the bear king, who lived in treta yuga and also in dwapara yuga. In the ancient times, people were also worshipped the sons of Lord Krishna. Samba was born due to the severe penanceRead More →

In the Sanatan Dharma or Hindu Dharma, the concept of devatas is multifarious. Broadly speaking there are two orders of devata worship amongst the Hindus.Read More →

Among the Hindu pantheon of Gods, one of the most famous among them is Lord Balaji also known by his various names such as Srinivasa and Venkateshwara. He is said to be one of the most powerful Hindu Gods mentioned in the Puranas. Read More →

One of the most important deities in Hindu mythology is Vayu, the Wind God.Read More →

Kubera God Of Wealth

Kubera – God of Wealth: Introduction Kubera – God of Wealth: In the Vedic era, people worshipped nature and the Cosmic elements. Later on, they began worshipping deities who had distinct personalities and various aspects and formed the Saakar aspect of the Ultimate Reality Brahman. These deities were exhibited asRead More →