INTRODUCTION The God of structures, popularly known as – Vaastu Bhagawan provides safety, protection, peacefulness, happiness and prosperity to devotees, if the Vaastu principles are properly followed by the devotees in their building, and if the Vaastu Bhagawan is worshipped properly. He contains the features of the Trimurties and theRead More →

Aruna is the charioteer of Surya (The Sun god) in Hinduism. He is the son Read More →

INTRODUCTION Samba was the son of Lord Krishna, and Jambavati. His grandfather was the great “JAMBAVAN”, the bear king, who lived in treta yuga and also in dwapara yuga. In the ancient times, people were also worshipped the sons of Lord Krishna. Samba was born due to the severe penanceRead More →

In the Sanatan Dharma or Hindu Dharma, the concept of devatas is multifarious. Broadly speaking there are two orders of devata worship amongst the Hindus.Read More →