Among the Hindu pantheon of Gods, one of the most famous among them is Lord Balaji also known by his various names such as Srinivasa and Venkateshwara. He is said to be one of the most powerful Hindu Gods mentioned in the Puranas. Read More →

One of the most important deities in Hindu mythology is Vayu, the Wind God.Read More →

Kubera God Of Wealth

Kubera – God of Wealth: Introduction Kubera – God of Wealth: In the Vedic era, people worshipped nature and the Cosmic elements. Later on, they began worshipping deities who had distinct personalities and various aspects and formed the Saakar aspect of the Ultimate Reality Brahman. These deities were exhibited asRead More →

Introduction  There are different stories about the origin of Kartikeya. The most popular story is “Tarakasur vadh”. According to legends Siva and Paravati gave birth to Kartikeya to destroy the demon Tarakasur. Before he was born, Paravati performed severe austerities so that he would have extraordinary skills and strength. He was bornRead More →

कामदेव… [Sanaatan Cupid – God of Love]… कामदेव को हिंदू सनातन शास्त्रों में प्रेम, सौंदर्य और काम का देवता माना गया है… उनका स्वरूप युवा और आकर्षक है… वे विवाहित हैं और रति उनकी पत्नी हैं… वे इतने शक्तिशाली हैं कि उनके लिए किसी प्रकार के कवच की कल्पना नहींRead More →

Introduction-  Concept of God in Vedic religion In early times, human beings faced many difficulties in their life caused mainly due to elements. This necessitated the need for propitiating natural powers. Some like Agni (fire), Surya (sun) were useful for them and some were not eg. Darkness(अंधकार). Human beings cameRead More →

Meaning of Devata Dhyanam Devata dhyanam literally means meditating and inviting devatas to the land by performing various types of yajnas. The term ‘Devata’ is the Devanagari translation for ‘Deity’, while ‘Dhyanam’ stands for ‘Concentration’. All the devatas are considered as the manifestations of the Supreme Brahman (Godhead). Again, theRead More →

Hinduism believes in the existence of one Supreme God ‘Paramatma’ but though God is one, He manifests himself in innumerable forms and is both the Reality and the Unreality, the Seen and the Unseen, The Manifest and the Unmanifest, The Purusha (Divine entity) and the Prakriti (Nature, Divine Energy). HeRead More →

Ganesh : Introduction Vakratundamahakayasuryakotisamaprabha, nirvighnamkuru me deva sarvakaryeshusarvada. Praise be the lord God, having a twisted face, a huge body with the luster of crores of suns, I pray to thee, please remove all the obstacles always from all my works. Ganapati is one of the most popular Hindu deities.Read More →

Contents ·           Introduction ·           Origin of Dattatreya ·           Birth of Dattatreya ·           Legend ·           Appearance of Dattatreya ·           Significance of Symbols ·           24 Gurus of Dattatreya ·           Books on Dattatreya ·           Temples of Dattatreya ·           Datta Jayanthi ·           Shloka ·           Conclusion Introduction The core of Hinduism lies in the principleRead More →

Contents ·         Introduction ·         In Greek and Roman Tradition ·         Etymology ·         Iconography ·         Birth and Family ·         Agni and Kartikeya ·         Agni Nakshatra or Kruttika Nakshatra ·         In Vedic Traditions ·         Forms of Agni ·         In The Upanishads ·         In the Puranas ·         Agni Purana ·         In the RamayanaRead More →