Basavanna was born in Karnataka and  is a great poet, and a great devotee of Lord Shiva.He was the founder of the Lingayat Movement. He has written many spiritual books. BIRTH Basava was born in 1105 AD in Karnataka, and belongs to the Kannada Brahmin community, who is entirely devoted to Lord Shiva. He wasRead More →


Rishi Mudgal, is one of the Rajarshi in Hinduism. He was a Kshatriya king, but due to his severe penances, he attained great powers and became a famous Rishi. He wrote the Mudgala Purana. In his Purana, he praises about Lord Ganesha, and the way of doing pujas and homams to Lord Ganapati. He got veryRead More →


Savata Mali was a Hindu saint and an ardent devotee of Lord Vithoba. He was born in 1250 in a village near pandharpur. He was a friend and an admirer of Namdev, a devotee of Vithoba.   At his younger ag e itself, Savata has got married to a pious and a holyRead More →


Sri Sivan SAR was born on October 3rd 1904 as younger brother of Sri MahaPeriyava. His birth name was Sadasiva Sastri. Sri SAR attained Siddhi on March 7th 1996. Sri Sivan SAR, also called as Sri Siva Periyava. Similar to his elder brother Sri Chandra sekara saraswathi swamigal, he alsoRead More →

Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (1868–1953) was the Pontiff of the Jyotir Math  in India. His birth name was Rajaram. He was born into a Brahmin family, and he left home at his younger age towards interest in spirituality. After some time, he became a disciple of Svami Krishnananda Sarasvati. He has become a holy saint and the ChiefRead More →

Renukacharya was one of the five great saints who took the avatar in the Kali Yuga to propagate Virasaivism. He travelled throughout india to teach and to give lectures on Virasaivism. He contains the features of Lord Shiva, and believed to have been born through the grace of Lord Someswara.  Sri Someswara Temple is anRead More →