SHYAMALA SUNDARI – AN ARDENT DEVOTEE OF LORD KRISHNA INTRODUCTION Shyamala, also known as Shyamala Sundari (15th Century AD) was a great spiritual poet and a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. She was born in the present day Porbandar at Gujarat, and she was                                    a celebrated female Bhakti saint, who is still remembered byRead More →

URVASHI INTRODUCTION Urvashi was a pious and a chaste woman, who had contributed certain portions of texts in the Rig Veda (10.85). She was a great dancer, and due to her passion in   the dance field, she had become a celestial dancer and resides in the heaven, and discharging her duties according toRead More →

DAKSHINA PRAJAPATYA INTRODUCTION Dakshina Prajapatya, also known as Khyati, was one of the daughters of Lord Daksha, a great Prajapati and the mind born son of Lord Brahma. She was born before several lakhs of years ago, and she had contributed some texts in the Rig Veda (10.107). She livedRead More →

SANT ATMADEVAR INTRODUCTION Sant Atmadevar was born in a pious Brahmin family at the present day North India in a village. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and he used to conduct divine discourses on Lord Krishna in the temples. His songs would melt the souls of theRead More →

NAMBIRAJAN INTRODUCTION Nambirajan was the foster father of Ma Valli, who is the consort of Lord Muruga. Before several lakhs of years, Nambirajan, a Tribal leader ruled a hilly region in South India, and he was considered as a staunch devotee of Lord Murugan. Since he didn’t have a child,Read More →

KING MUCHUKUNTAR INTRODUCTION King Muchukuntar ruled the ancient Tamil Nadu before few lakhs of years. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga, and pleased by his devotion, Lord Muruga arranged marriage for him with his army chief Veerabahu’s daughter, thus by making him as an immortal. His name wasRead More →

SAGE CIKANTI INTRODUCTION Cikanti was an ancient sage who lived before thousand years ago. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, and he lived in a small Ashram at Srilanka near Kathirkamam Murugan Temple. Daily morning, he used to worship Lord Muruga in the temple, and then only heRead More →

SAGE SUBRAMANYA INTRODUCTION Sage Subramanya was born in a village in Tamil Nadu, before some hundred years. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, and sang many divine songs on him. He also restored the eye sight of a Muruga devotee, by praying to Lord Muruga, and he restoredRead More →

GUNASILAR INTRODUCTION Gunisilar was a great devotee of Lord Muruga, and he was a very generous and kind hearted person. He had made it as a practice to feed a minimum of 100 Murugan devotees in his home, and he has continued the practice till his death. He was aRead More →

PAKAZHIKUTTAR INTRODUCTION Pakazhikuttar, though he was born as a Vaishnavite, become a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, since according to his opinion, both Lord Vishnu and Lord Muruga are one and the same. When he performs meditation on Lord Muruga, he used to sit like a tree without shaking hisRead More →

CHINNAPPA DEVAR INTRODUCTION Chinnappa Devar (1915–1978), also fondly called as Sandow Chinnappa Devar by his fans and by his well-wishers, was a famous and active Tamil film producer during the period: 1950-1970. He is very fond of animals, and hence he produced a few animal based movies, and also made someRead More →

SUKHANAND – DISCIPLE OF RAMANANDA INTRODUCTION Sukhanand was the disciple of Swami Ramananda and he lived during 14th-century AD, who acted as a best companion to his guru Ramananda, and served him in a pleasing manner. Similar to his guru Ramananda, he was also a great Vaishnavite devotional poet and saint, who lived inRead More →

SOMASI MARA NAYANAR INTRODUCTION Somasi Mara Nayanar (8th Century AD) is a Nayanar saint, and was one among the 63 Nayanars. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and also a devotee of Sundarar. He attracted others through his simplicity, generosity and kindness. LIFE Somasi Mara Nayanar belongs to Brahmin caste and servedRead More →

DOKKA SEETHAMMA INTRODUCTION Dokka Seethamma (1841–1909) is considered as a great saint, and an incarnation of Ma Annapoorna, who had dedicated most of her life towards serving food to the hungry travellers and to the poor people. She was a devotee of Lord Shiva and Ma Shakti, and used to regularlyRead More →

SANT BALNATHJI INTRODUCTION Sri Balnathji was born in a village in Gujarat before few hundred years ago, in a low caste community, and he is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. His Samadhi shrine is situated in Junagarh at Rajasthan. He lived a very simple life by eating fruitsRead More →

SWAROOPANAND SARASWATI INTRODUCTION Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati was born in the year 1924, in a village in Madhya Pradesh, and he is a spiritual leader and also fought for India’s freedom. He was the pontiff of Jyotir Math, Badrinath, and for some time, he served as a pontiff in Sri Dwarka peeth. He was the discipleRead More →

SANT RAMAI INTRODUCTION Sant Ramai was born in a lower class community in Assam during the 15th Century AD. He joined as a disciple to Shankardev and propagated the principles and philosophies of Vaishnavism. He also helped his Guru to start the new Ekasarana Dharma religious movement. He learned musicRead More →

KING VAJRADATTA INTRODUCTION Vajradatta was the son of the great king Bhagadatta, and he ruled the Pragjyotisha Kingdom in a righteousness manner. Vajradatta had learnt the Vedas and other divine subjects from Brihaspati, the divine Guru.  Vajradatta is powerful similar to Indra, and he has done lot of yagnas and pleased the Vedic deities. HeRead More →

SAGE UGRASHRAVAS INTRODUCTION Ugrashravas was an ancient sage, and he was the reciter of various holy Puranas, like Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatham, and other holy texts, in front of the sages who used to assemble in the Naimisharanya Forest. He was the son of Rishi Lomaharshana who was a noble disciple of Vyasa. The entire Mahabharata epicRead More →

KING CHEKITANA INTRODUCTION Chekitana was born in the Suryavanshi clan and he was the son of Dhrishtaketu, the king of Kekaya Kingdom, and his family were close to Pandavas. His brother was Shaibva and his sister was Karenumati who married with Nakula. He also participated in the Mahabharata War, and died in the hands ofRead More →