The Mahayana form of Buddhism is said to have the maximum number of followers compared to the other two forms Theravada and Vajrayana. In the Mahayana Buddhism, Nagarjuna is considered to be the founder of the Middle Path or the Madhyamika School of Mahayana Buddhism. Read More →

  Jivaka was the physician of the Buddha and the Sangha and a close disciple of the Buddha. The story of Prince Siddhartha who wished to transcend suffering and gain release from the infinite cycles of birth and death led him to the search for truth and final enlightenment. ThisRead More →

  Khema was the first female disciple of Buddha. She was foremost in wisdom and was an exemplary monk who realised the impermanent nature of life. She belonged to a royal family of Magadha in the city of Sagala. It is said that her name means golden hue and asRead More →