MRS.JAYANTHI RAMAIYER INTRODUCTION Mrs.R.Jayanthi is doing divine music concerts in the Devasthanam temples as well as in other temples of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu for the past 30 years. She also performed music concerts in marriage receptions, Tourism Development programme at Kanyakumari, conferences, clubs, college functions, Tamil Isai Sangam,Read More →

SRI DAMODARDAS – STAUNCH DEVOTEE OF LORD KRISHNA INTRODUCTION Sri Damodardas was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. He was born in a village in Gujarat in a pious Hindu family. His parents were died at his young age, and hence young Damodardas left his home, and began to wanderRead More →

SHYAMALA SUNDARI – AN ARDENT DEVOTEE OF LORD KRISHNA INTRODUCTION Shyamala, also known as Shyamala Sundari (15th Century AD) was a great spiritual poet and a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. She was born in the present day Porbandar at Gujarat, and she was                                    a celebrated female Bhakti saint, who is still remembered byRead More →

GUNASILAR INTRODUCTION Gunisilar was a great devotee of Lord Muruga, and he was a very generous and kind hearted person. He had made it as a practice to feed a minimum of 100 Murugan devotees in his home, and he has continued the practice till his death. He was aRead More →

PAKAZHIKUTTAR INTRODUCTION Pakazhikuttar, though he was born as a Vaishnavite, become a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, since according to his opinion, both Lord Vishnu and Lord Muruga are one and the same. When he performs meditation on Lord Muruga, he used to sit like a tree without shaking hisRead More →

CHINNAPPA DEVAR INTRODUCTION Chinnappa Devar (1915–1978), also fondly called as Sandow Chinnappa Devar by his fans and by his well-wishers, was a famous and active Tamil film producer during the period: 1950-1970. He is very fond of animals, and hence he produced a few animal based movies, and also made someRead More →

SOMASI MARA NAYANAR INTRODUCTION Somasi Mara Nayanar (8th Century AD) is a Nayanar saint, and was one among the 63 Nayanars. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and also a devotee of Sundarar. He attracted others through his simplicity, generosity and kindness. LIFE Somasi Mara Nayanar belongs to Brahmin caste and servedRead More →

GUSAINJI – AN INCARNATION OF LORD VITHOBA INTRODUCTION Vitthalanatha (1516-1588), also called as Sant Gusainji, was a great saint and a Krishna devotee. He was the son of the great saint Sri Vallabhacharya. He is believed to be an avatar of Lord Vithoba of Pandharpur. Gusainji learned all the divine scriptures from SriRead More →

BHAGAVATA NAMA INTRODUCTION Similar to chanting the names of the almighty, we can also chants the names of his devotees like Prahalada, Dhruva and Markandeya, and sages and saints like Vasishta, Atri, Viswamitra, Raghavendra, Shirdi Sai Baba and Kanchi Paramacharya. In most of the houses, we can see the picturesRead More →

SAINT BHANUDAS INTRODUCTION Bhanudas (1448–1513) was a Hindu saint of Maharashtra, who was well known for bringing back the sacred idol of Lord Vithoba  from Vijayanagar to Pandharpur. He was the great grandfather of Sant Eknath. At his younger age, he used to worship Lord Surya Bhagavan, and after he has seen the divine appearance of Lord Vithoba inRead More →

SAINT SATRAMDAS INTRODUCTION The great saint Sri Satram Das Sahib was born in a small village in Sindh Pakistan in the year 1866. He is a Sindhi Hindu, and considered as an ardent devotee of Mata Durga Devi.  He was a great man who gave all kinds of prosperities toRead More →

KARMAMELA INTRODUCTION Saint Karmamela (14th century) was a great saint from Maharashtra. He was the son of Chokhamela and Soyarabai and belonged to Mahar caste, and they were considered as untouchables and treated badly by the upper class people during those days. He was against caste discrimination. He deeply expresses in his songs, about his birth in lowerRead More →

DEVU MALI – AN ARDENT DEVOTEE OF LORD VITHOBA INTRODUCTION Devu Mali was an 11th-century  saint, and a great devotee of Lord Vithoba. His son, Parasu and his grandson Savata Mali were ardent devotees of Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna. Devu Mali lived in Solapur, Maharashtra, and he wasRead More →

SANT AATMABODHANAND INTRODUCTION Sant Aatmabodhanand is an ardent devotee of Mata Ganga Devi, and similar to Swami Sanand, he is also interested in cleaning the Holy Ganges River by removing the dirt and pollution from it, and also he wants the hydro-electric projects to be stopped, in order to ensureRead More →

RAMANA MAHARISHI INTRODUCTION Ramana Maharishi (1879 –1950) was a great saint from Tamil Nadu. His original name was Venkataraman, but he is popularly known by the name Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi. BIRTH He was born in Tiruchuli, Tamil Nadu. At the age of 16, he realized Lord Shiva, and after some time,Read More →

SWAMI JAGADATMANANDA SARASWATI INTRODUCTION Swami Jagadatmananda Saraswati was born in the year 1961 in Tamil Nadu, and he is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and he is the disciple of Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati since 1999 and he has become a Shaivite saint by H.H. Santalinga Ramaswami Adigalar ofRead More →

SANT RAM CHARAN INTRODUCTION Sant Ram Charan (1720–1799) is the founder of Ramsnehi Sampradaya for initiating Rama Bhakti, and to spread the greatness of Lord Rama amongst the people. He is a sincere devotee of Lord Rama, and used to regularly chant the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM” throughout his life. Ram Charan wasRead More →

VASANTH MAHARAJ INTRODUCTION Vasanth Maharaj, was a native of Krishnagiri, and he is also known as Vasanth Vijajji Maharaj, is an Indian ambassador of peace, and preached love, unity and considered all classes of people as alike. His aim is to give fruitful solutions to various issues which prevail throughoutRead More →

URMILA CHATHURVEDI – ARDENT DEVOTEE OF LORD RAMA INTRODUCTION Urmila Chathurvedi is a senior citizen who crossed 80 years, and from the year 1992 onwards, Mataji Urmila, stopped eating food grains and used to eat only fruits and milk items, in order make her dream into reality, since she wantedRead More →

SANT NENURAM INTRODUCTION Sant Nenuram, who was born in the year 1898 to a Hindu family in Islamkot in Pakistan, had left his home at his teenage, in order to travel in the spiritual path. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Rama, and similar to Shirdi Baba, he wasRead More →