INTRODUCTION Gnanacheri Swamigal has lived in Chennai, and his Shrine is situated at Sithalapakkam, Chennai near Pasupatheeswarar temple, and lot of devotees are visiting his holy Samadhi shrine. He is a sincere devotee of the great saint Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra Swamigal. We can also visit Sri Raghavendra Swamy Temple atRead More →

INTRODUCTION Gopikamba (16th century) was a pious and a noble woman and the wife of the great scholar Sri Timmanacharya. The holy couples had three children: Gururaja, Venkatanatha, Venkatamba. Among the three, Sri Venkatanatha in his teenage, has become a great saint, and has given the title “SRI RAGHAVENDRA TIRTHA”.Read More →

INTRODUCTION Bhagoji was a helper to Baba, and served him for a long time. He used to get up early in the morning and gently message the body of Saibaba. He used to follow him, whenever baba goes somewhere. He has suffered from severe leprosy, but even then, he hasRead More →

INTRODUCTION Sachidevi (15thcentury AD) was the mother of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Sachidevi was born in a pious Bengali family and at her teenage she got married with a great scholar and a great Krishna devotee Sri Jegannath.She dutifully served her husband and looked after him properly. She lived a holyRead More →

INTRODUCTION Ammalu Ammal was born in a pious Madhwa Brahmin family in Kumbakonam, and her family members were ardent devotees of Guru Raghavendra.  She was a noble child, and contains good qualities, and a devotee of Lord Panduranga and Guru Raghavendra. She was married at her younger age, and lost herRead More →

INTRODUCTION Alukku Samiyar(19th century) was born in Pudur near Pollachi, in a pious Hindu family. From his childhood itself, he was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and used to worship him in the temples. He was not interested in playing with his friends at his younger age, but performed pujaRead More →

Introduction Belonging to a poor Vadanagar Nagar-Brahmin family, Narsi Mehta was born at Kathiawar, Gujarat in 1414. He lived till 1481.  He had tremendous devotion to Lord Krishna, right from his childhood. His devotion was so intense, that he sporadically burst into singing and dancing, in praise of Lord Krishna.Read More →