Neena Rai

Designation – Author of Amazing Ayodhya Social Media – @neenarai twitter, @theneenarai insta, NEENARAI youtube, Neenarai8 facebook. Speaker’s profile – Neena Rai is an author based out of New Delhi. She is passionate about decoding ancient scriptural knowledge and sharing it with the world. Her latest book is Amazing AyodhyaRead More →

Mr Sean Clarke

Mr Sean Clarke is the Editor of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) – a leading spiritual research website. He has an MBA from the prestigious Monash Mt Eliza business school, Australia and has worked as a strategy analyst in various dot coms. Currently he is the Editor of SSRF.ORGRead More →

Shri Virendra Qazi Ji

He is based in Delhi, a Kashmiri Pandit, preaching and practising the traditional knowledge of Kashmir Shaivism. Since childhood many sages and saints have graced him towards divine path. His first sadhana was Param Shaive Yogini Lalleshwari. Her vakhs (sayings) convey the essence of Shaiva Agamas (Kashmir Shaivism). Kazi JiRead More →

Madhavi Bhuta 1

Madhavi Mihir Bhuta – National Executive, BJP Mahila Morcha Committee Member of Rajkot Nagrik Sahkari Bank (Mumbai) Founder member of Hindu Economic Forum, Mumbai chapter (Initiative of World Hindu Economic Forum- WHEF) Associated with Nation First Writer’s Forum (initiative by Rambhau Mahalgi Prabodhini)Read More →

Anar Mehta 1

Anar Mehta : Founder – Srishti Bharat Foundation The association is a brainchild of Ms Anar Mehta, a genuine epitome of the Global Indian. She has represented India and stellar organizations like the Somnath Trust and has promoted it, alongside numerous different locales in India, as social, cultural and spiritualRead More →

Dr. Omendra Ratnu 1

Dr. Omendra Ratnu is Consultant Surgeon, Writer, Founder Of Nimittekam He is from Jaipur & is an ENT surgeon who runs his own hospital. He runs an NGO by the title of Nimittekam , with the main purpose of helping displaced Hindu refugees from Pakistan and integrating Dalit Sahodaras intoRead More →

ACHARYA RAMLOCHAN CHARAN INTRODUCTION Acharya Ramlochan Saran (1889 –1971) was born in Darbhanga, Bihar was a Hindi writer and publisher. He started a publishing agency, and published magazines such as Balak Magazine, Himalaya and Honhar. He also published books on Mahatma Gandhi in both Hindi and English. He translated the work “RAMCHARITRAMANAS” written by the famous saint and Ram Devotee Tulsidas, an avatar ofRead More →