SRI SUBHUDENDRA TEERTHA INTRODUCTION The present pontiff of Mantralayam Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt is Sri Subhudendra Teertha. Previously he was serving as the Diwan of the Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, and he has become a saint in the year 2013, and he took charge of the administration of the Mutt inRead More →

TRIVIKRAMA PANDITACHARYA INTRODUCTION Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya was the famous disciple of Sri Madhvacharya,                                             the great Dvaita philosopher. He was the composer of the Vayu Stuti, which is regarded as one of the famous Slokas among the Madhwa sect of people. Sri Trvivikrama Panditacharya’s father was Sri Subramanya Panditacharya and his son was Sri Narayana Panditacharya. Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya was aRead More →

SATYADHARMA TIRTHA INTRODUCTION Satyadharma Tirtha (1743-1830) was a Madhwa saint and philosopher, and he served as the pontiff of Uttaradi Mutt from 1797-1830. Satyadharma Tirtha was born in the year 1743 in Haveri district in Karnataka in a holy Madhwa family. His birth name was Purushottamacharya. His guru was Satyavara Tirtha and his disciple and successor was Satya Sankalpa Tirtha.Read More →

SATYANIDHI TIRTHA INTRODUCTION Satyanidhi Tirtha was a great Madhwa philosopher, Guru and saint. He served as the pontiff of Shri Uttaradi Mutt from 1638–1660. His birth name was Raghupathyacharya. His life history is available from the holy texts Gurucharya and Satyanidhivilasa. He was born in a holy Brahmin family in Bijapur District at Karnataka. HeRead More →

SATYASANDHA TIRTHA INTRODUCTION Satyasandha Tirtha (18th century AD) was a Madhwa saint, and he was born in Haveri District in Karnataka to a pious Madhwa Brahmin family. He learned the Hindu religious texts at his young age, and his guru was Sri Satyabodha Tirtha. He was the pontiff of Uttaradi Math and served at theRead More →

SATYAVARA TIRTHA INTRODUCTION Satyavara Tirtha (1716-1797) was a great saint and he was born in a pious Madhwa family in Haveri District, Karnataka, and he served as the Pontiff of Uttaradi Mutt, and a strict follower of Sri Madhwa’s Dvaita philosophy. He was the successor of Satyasandha Tirtha and served in the mutt during the periodRead More →

VEDESA TIRTHA INTRODUCTION Vedesa Tirtha (1570 – 1620) was a Madhwa saint and a great scholar. He was the disciple of Sri Raghuttama Tirtha. He has not served as a pontiff in Dwaita mutts, and remained as a wandering saint throughout in his life.  He learned the Vedas and Shastras at his young age,Read More →