SAGE SUDABAS INTRODUCTION Sudabas was an ancient sage, and his wife was Piruchini. Though they contain very good qualities, but they didn’t have children. Due to that, they were very much worried, and began to perform penance on Lord Vishnu. After some time, pleased by their devotion, Lord Vishnu hadRead More →

SAGE CIKANTI INTRODUCTION Cikanti was an ancient sage who lived before thousand years ago. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, and he lived in a small Ashram at Srilanka near Kathirkamam Murugan Temple. Daily morning, he used to worship Lord Muruga in the temple, and then only heRead More →

SAGE UGRASHRAVAS INTRODUCTION Ugrashravas was an ancient sage, and he was the reciter of various holy Puranas, like Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatham, and other holy texts, in front of the sages who used to assemble in the Naimisharanya Forest. He was the son of Rishi Lomaharshana who was a noble disciple of Vyasa. The entire Mahabharata epicRead More →

RISHI NAMAS INTRODUCTION Namas was a great sage, and he was the descendant of Rishi Kashyapa. He was mentioned in the Holy Vedas, Puranas and in Ramayana and Mahabharata, and he is considered as a great Vishnu Devotee. During the period of Ramayana, he met Lord Rama when he was livingRead More →

RISHI PRASHASTAPADA INTRODUCTION Prashastapada was an ancient sage. He wrote commentaries on various holy texts of Hinduism, and he was considered as a great scholar in the Brahma Sutras. He is believed to have lived before few thousand years. Prashastapada also had written books on bhakti, dharma and the ways toRead More →

RISHI SAUBHARI INTRODUCTION Saubhari was an ancient rishi and he is believed to be the son of Rishi Kanwa, who brought up Shakunthala at his Ashram. Once when Saubhari Rishi was doing meditation inside the Holy River Yamuna, he has seen the sexual union of some fishes. Due to that, heRead More →

RISHI MADHUCHANDA INTRODUCTION Rishi Madhuchandha was mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata, and also in Rigveda. He is the son of the great sage Sri Vishvamitra. Madhuchanda contains good knowledge in Vedas, Shastras, and he was an expert in all kinds of arts, and was educated under his father Vishvamitra. Madhuchanda also contributed someRead More →

SAGE AYODHA-DAUMYA   INTRODUCTION Ayodha-Daumya was a great sage who lived during the Dwapara Yuga. His main disciple was Aruni, who was a great sage, a learned scholar, and he contains very good qualities. Rishi Daumya was mentioned in Holy Vedas, and he is described as a powerful rishi. HeRead More →

RISHI SARABHANGA INTRODUCTION Sarabhanga is an ancient sage, and he lived during the Treta Yuga, and the details about him are mentioned in Ramayana. He lived in the Dandaka forest, at a hermitage, and he lead a holy life by performing meditation on the almighty, and used to eat only simple foodRead More →

    RISHI SATANANDA INTRODUCTION Rishi Satananda was the pious son of Rishi Gautama and Mata Ahalya. Satananda was a great scholar and learnt the Vedas, Upanishads and the ancient Puranas from his father Gautama, and become a family priest of King Janaka at Mithila. Mata Ahalya due to herRead More →

RISHI DRDHASYU INTRODUCTION The famous Rishi Agastya and Lopamudra have a son named Drdhasyu, who is also called as Idhmavaha. He is mentioned in the Mahabharata as a noble rishi, and similar to Bhakta Prahalada, he has learned the Divine Vedas from his mother Mata Lopamudra’s womb itself, by hearing the Vedic chantsRead More →

RISHI GALAVA INTRODUCTION Galava was a powerful rishi and he lived during the previous Dwapara Yuga. He was the                      disciple of Viswamitra Maharishi. Galava was highly praised for his guru bhakti. After studying the Vedic subjects from Viswamitra, Galava had brought a peculiar kind of white horse, by praying to Lord Garuda.Read More →

RISHI DALABHYA INTRODUCTION Dalabhya is an ancient Vedic Rishi and he is mentioned in Upanishads, Puranas and in other holy texts. He appears before the Pandavas during the Mahabharata war, and received blessings from the great Lord Krishna. His descendants contain the Dalabhya gotra and they are living in some parts ofRead More →

RISHI MRIKANDU INTRODUCTION Mrikandu rishi was an ancient rishi, and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He and his consort Marudmati worshipped Shiva for getting a noble son. As a result they had given the choice of either a pious son with a short life on earth orRead More →

SAGE RUCHI INTRODUCTION Sage Ruchi was an ancient rishi, and he lived during the Treta Yuga. He was mentioned in ancient texts and in Vedas, and he was considered as a holy rishi, who had fully controlled his senses and performed meditation on the Trimurties. He used to live inRead More →

INTRODUCTION Maitreya was a great sage and he was mentioned in the Mahabharata. It is believed that he was one of the Vedic Rishis and also contains the features of Lord Brahma. During the Dwapara Yuga, he visited Hastinapur and advised Duryodhana to treat the Pandavas in a proper manner, and to give the share of ruling the kingdomRead More →

INTRODUCTION Kanva Maharishi was an ancient rishi and he was born in the Treta yuga, and his importance were mentioned in Rig Veda. He has also written a portion of text in Yajur Veda. He was the foster father of Shakuntala, who was the consort of Dushyanta. Rishi Kanva found Shakuntala in the forest asRead More →

INTRODUCTION Matanga Maharishi was born in the Treta Yuga, and he was mentioned in Ramayana. Lord Rama and Mata Sita visited the ashram of Matanga Maharishi near the Mountain Rishyamukha. He was the sincere devotee of Shiva and Parvati, and due to that Mata Parvati had taken birth in theRead More →

INTRODUCTION Markandeya was the son of Rishi Mrikandu, and was born with very good features. Similar to his father, he used to worship Lord Shiva at the Ashram and perform pujas and abhishekhams to the Shiva Lingam. According to legend, when he was nearing to lose his life by LordRead More →

INTRODUCTION Jaabaali Maharshi was an ancient rishi. He was mentioned in puranas and in several hindu texts, and his importance is also mentioned. He was an expert in vedas and other hindu literature and contains good knowledge, wisdom and high meditative powers. He was good at doing yoga and meditation. HeRead More →