INTRODUCTION Jaabaali Maharshi was an ancient rishi. He was mentioned in puranas and in several hindu texts, and his importance is also mentioned. He was an expert in vedas and other hindu literature and contains good knowledge, wisdom and high meditative powers. He was good at doing yoga and meditation. HeRead More →

INTRODUCTION Jaimini was an ancient rishi and a philosopher. He was a disciple of sage Veda Vyasa, the son of Parashara. He was taught Samaveda by his guru Veda Vyasa, along with other spiritual education. He is the author of the Mimamsa Sutras  and Jaimini Sutras.  He is believed to have been lived during the 4th century BC. He wasRead More →

INTRODUCTION Aurva is known to be an angry sage, who was the descendent of Rishi Bhrigu. He was the grandson of Vatsa, and his descendants Gothram was Srivatsa. His son was Richika Maharishi and Richika’s son was Jamadagni. According to the Mahabharata, once there lived a noble king named Kritavirya, who had donatedRead More →

INTRODUCTION Aruni (8th century BC), is an ancient sage of Hinduism. He is mentioned in many devotional texts, and his philosophical teachings are considered famous similar to the teachings contained in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and Chandogya Upanishad.  He was a spiritual guru, and attracted students from all over the world. One of his disciples was the greatRead More →

INTRODUCTION Kacha was an ancient sage and the son of Deva Guru Brihaspati. He is also mentioned in various puranas and in Mahabharata.  He was known for learning all the divine scriptures from his father as well as from the demon guru Sri Sukracharya. Once Kacha met Sukracharya and become the discipleRead More →