SWAMI SYAMANAND Swami Syamanandji was born in Srinagar in a pious Kashmiri Hindu family. His birth name was Somnath. Since, he lost his father at his young age he took all the responsibilities of his family on his shoulders, and looked after the family in a proper manner. Once inRead More →

KANUA BABA INTRODUCTION Kanua Baba is a saint of Uttar Pradesh, India, and he lived before few centuries ago. He was a kind and a noble saint who had done many wonders in the life of his devotees. He was a great devotee of Mata Durga Devi, and used to perform pujasRead More →

SANT GARIB DAS INTRODUCTION Sant Garib Das (1717–1778) was a saint and spiritual reformer and he was the founder of the Garibdasi panth, a sect which contains his spiritual teachings. He was born in the year 1717 in a Jat family in a village in Haryana, and he was the author of Garibdassi Granth.Read More →

INTRODUCTION Kudai Swamigal was a great siddha who was born to a pious family in Kumarakottam in the year 1897. His birth name was Kanthaiya Swamigal and initially done agricultural work in his farm lands. He lived in Srilanka and he was the disciple of Sri Mahadeva Swamigal. After theRead More →

INTRODUCTION Jhulelal (10th century) is worshipped as Kula Deva, and as the Ishta Deva by Sindhi Hindus, and also he is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Varuna, the god of oceans. They will used to frequently chant the mantra: “Jhule Lal Maharaj Ki Jai” in order to show their great respect and honourRead More →