MATA SUNANDAJI INTRODUCTION Mata Sunandaji is a famous Hindu spiritual personality, and she is the daughter of the famous philosopher and divine discourser                                     Swami Parthasarathy. Similar to her father, she is also fondly called as Corporate Guru. Her divine lectures were attended by millions and millions of people, and sheRead More →

SWAMI PARTHASARATHY INTRODUCTION Swami Parthasarathy, also known as Swamiji, is born in the year 1927 in Chennai, in a pious Hindu family, and he is a master of Vedanta, and one of the popular divine discourser in India, and he is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.  He spread the Hindu Philosophies, Bhagavat Gita,Read More →

SWAMI ASHESHANANDA INTRODUCTION Swami Aseshananda(1899-1996), was the direct disciple of Mata Sarada Devi, and he served as the head of the Vedanta Society in Oregon for many years. Swami had performed his level best towards spreading the Sanatana Dharma teachings amongst the people. He used to give lectures on Vedanta onRead More →