Cottage Industry is the leading rural money spinner of West Bengal. Major handicrafts that make up the cottage industry in the state are Terracotta, Dhokra, Sholapith, Cane & bamboo, Textile etc. Brass and Bell Metal Metal craft is an ancient occupation handed down to generations of artisans since decades. VariousRead More →

Punjab is known as a land of green and swaying fields, happiness, self-sufficiency and satisfaction. It is the 15th largest state, area-wise in the republic of India. It is home to Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs who live in harmony and are in perfect sync with each other in terms of lifestyleRead More →

Cane and Bamboo   In the state of Manipur, bamboo is grown in abundance at Jiribam, Churachandpur, Imphal and Tamenglong districts. Owing to this abundance of bamboo in the state, Manipur is the second largest producer of bamboo products, after Tripura. Some of the products of bamboo made in theRead More →

Coconut Shell Craft Owing to the abundance of coconuts in Kerala, coconut shell craft is very popular and in demand in the state of Kerala. Calicut district is the primary hub for coconut shell craft. The most common products from coconut shell are flower vases, snuff boxes, cups, nut boxes,Read More →

From the ancient times when wood was used as the material for carving sculptures, artisans from Karnataka have been adept at all kinds of woodwork including carving, inlay, painting, lacquering etc. The world famous wooden toys from Channapatna and Kinhal, both quaint little towns in the state, are ample evidenceRead More →

Jharkhand, the ‘land of forests’ rich in flora and fauna, was formed out of Bihar in the year 2000. A number of rivers flow into the state and it is the richest state in mineral deposits. Arts and crafts form a significant part of the cultural lineage of Jharkhand. ExcavationsRead More →