Mr Vijay Joshi, Vivek joshi Young Phad Artsit of Shahpura school of paintings  sent awareness message to the people of India and the World on the corona virus through  there Marvellous art work in  Phad painting. My paintings such as Epic of Pabuji, Epic of Devnarayan (Bagdawat), Ramdala, Krishnadala, MatajiRead More →

The culture and heritage of Andhra Pradesh is rich and varied in the fields of art, architecture, cuisine, literature, religion, philosophy, fairs and festivals. The handicrafts made by the artists and craftsmen and the monuments and structures left behind by the various dynasties have created a legacy which will be cherished andRead More →

The illustration and transcription of religious manuscripts by tribes like Likhaks, Patuas and Khanikars gradually evolved into the Assam school of painting. The Assam School of painting was divided into Sattriya and Royal styles.Read More →

A form of painting unique to the Santhal region of India, the Jadupatuas are painted on scrolls depicting themes from the life of lord Krishna, the story of creation as narrated in the Santhal tradition, their dance and music and sometimes fearful images of death and life after death.Read More →