DHRISHTAKETU IN MAHABHARATA INTRODUCTION Dhrishtaketu was the son of Shishupala, the ruler of Chedi Kingdom, and he was a relative of Lord Krishna. Dhrishtaketu was a friend of the Pandavas, and his sister Karenumati was married to Nakula, son of Mata Madri. Dhrishtaketu, along with his family fought in the Kurukshetra War onRead More →

ADHIRATHA IN MAHABHARATA INTRODUCTION According to Mahabharata, Adhiratha and Radha were the foster parents of Karna, and Adhiratha was the royal charioteer of Bhishma. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna, but during the Kurukshetra war, he fought along with the Kauravas. His wife Radha was a chaste and pious lady, who brought upRead More →