INTRODUCTION Kesari was the brave Vanara king of a small region. He was the foster father of Lord Hanuman and the consort of Anjana.  Kesari was a great person, who involves in deep meditation in the jungles, and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He prayed to Lord Shiva for a holy child, andRead More →

INTRODUCTION Thadhimugan was a great Vanara, who contains noble characteristics, and considered as a GEM among the Vanaras, similar to Lord Hanuman. He was mentioned in the great epic Ramayana as the uncle of Sukriva and also guards his beautiful garden with his monkey army. Similar to other Vanaras, heRead More →

INTRODUCTION Sita is the main character and is the most pious and holy woman as per Ramayana. She is considered as the incarnation of the earth goddess, Bhumi Devi and was adopted by King Janaka of Videha and his wife, Queen Sunaina. She has a younger sister, Urmila, and the female cousins Mandavi and Shrutakirti. Sita is well-known for her dedication, wisdom,Read More →