August 8, 2016 Kenya Vegetarian Club got featured in one of the reputed magazines in Ghana. It highlighted the work we do in the field of Vegetable Farming and Vegetarianism. It is truly my pleasure to associate with the team who also featured some of my articles about the effectRead More →

April 15, 2017 Shrivedant Foundation, a registered non-profit foundation in Kenya has launched a set of unique online courses that helps one lead a Vedic Hindu lifestyle anywhere in the world. The foundation has introduced courses on Hindu culture and lifestyle in three levels, catering to children as well asRead More →

Today India, in addition to being the largest democracy in the world, is a country of diverse languages, regional dance forms, dialects, food habits, political parties, and musical gharanas. Since past thousands of years, it has been the land of rituals, traditions, scriptures, practices, manuscripts, shlokas, mantras, and more. IndianRead More →