SWANS IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION Swans, also called as Hamsa, are considered as pious birds in Hinduism. According to legend, divine swans are believed to live in the Himalayan mountain ranges, and they contain spiritual powers, and they are the worshippers of Shiva and Parvati. In Manasarovar Lake, divine swans usedRead More →


SQUIRRELS IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION Squirrels are considered as sacred animals in India, and they are considered as worshipful creatures. They are fed with food items by the Hindus, similar to the feeding of crows, and they also helped Lord Rama during the time of building the bridge to reach the Lanka. MostRead More →

The Present Day World

THE PRESENT DAY WORLD INTRODUCTION The world’s current situation is unbelievable and unthinkable. Though the world had faced lot of storms, wars and earth quakes in the past periods, but now it is facing a different type of problem from the virus. The great earth goddess Mata Bhudevi, is alreadyRead More →


WORDS THROWN CANNOT BE TAKEN BACK INTRODUCTION Words once thrown by us cannot be taken back again. Hence, before talking to others, we must be very careful, and we should never talk unnecessarily with others. Most of the murders take place due to the usage of bad words and improperRead More →

Present Day Marriage Life

PRESENT DAY MARRIAGE LIFE INTRODUCTION Marriages are made in heaven is the ancient proverb, which is not applicable in this today’s world. Most of the present day marriages do not exists for a long time, and the marriage relationships ends up with divorces. This is mainly due to lack ofRead More →


BATS IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION Bats are considered as the worshipful flying mammals, and they are considered as pious and holy. We can find lot of bats in the ceilings of the Temples, and they also dwell in the roofs of the dilapidated buildings. Mostly bats would eat fruits and insects. Read More →


RAT IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION Rats are considered as the worshipful creatures, and they are respectfully treated by the Hindus, and they are mentioned in the holy texts of Hinduism. Rat is considered as the divine vehicle of Lord Vinayaka, and they are believed to be the favourite creatures of KarniRead More →


CAT IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION Cats are also considered as the worshipful animal in Hinduism, since cat is the vehicle of Mata Shasti Devi, a female incarnation of Lord Muruga, who is worshipped mainly in North India, for child birth and for protecting the children. She is also considered to beRead More →


ADOPTION OF PET ANIMALS INTRODUCTION Pet animals can be adopted by the people for bringing them to their homes, and accepting them as their own family member, for fun, entertainment and for enjoyment. Growing pet animals would bring great prosperity in the lives of the pet growers, and they wouldRead More →


AGHORIS INTRODUCTION The Aghori saints are the devotees of Lord Shiva and they used to do post-mortem rituals, and reside in the cremation grounds, apply cremation ashes on their bodies, and use the bones from the dead bodies for making the skull kapalas. They also used to eat dead body’s flesh. They didn’t take bath properly,Read More →


ANCIENT HINDU ROYAL SERVANTS INTRODUCTION Ancient Hindu royal servants are the ministers, warriors, poets and the servants of the kings. Ancient Hindu kings were very much respected, and they were considered as a god among their people. Ministers would give proper suggestions to the kings, during their tough times, andRead More →


ADIVASI INTRODUCTION Adivasis are those people who live in remote villages and in forests. They are classified as scheduled tribes, and our government is also giving much importance to them.  But still most of them are living below the poverty line, and they are finding it very difficult to meet their dailyRead More →

Adoption Of Child

ADOPTION OF CHILD INTRODUCTION Childless couple can adopt a child from orphanages, since doing such an activity is considered as a noble task. Ancient Puranas and other religious texts also recommend to get adopt a child, since by doing such an activity, the couples are giving a new life toRead More →

BLOOD DONATION INTRODUCTION Among the various types of donations, blood donation is considered as the best donation, since it saves the life of the person, who loses his blood due to accidents and poor health conditions. Nowadays most of the people are wilfully donating their blood, in order to saveRead More →


  LIFE AFTER 60 Most of us are thinking that life after 60 would be boring. But still some people begin a fresh life after 60. We can see that most of the politicians have crossed their 60th age, and still they look very active, doing wonderful things and actsRead More →