Marundeeswarar Temple INTRODUCTION Marundeeswarar Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. It is one of the Paadal Petra Sthalams and the great nayanar saints Appar and Tirugnana Sambandar have sung about the importance of this temple. The temple has been reconstructed and renovated by the Chola kings during the 11th century.  The Marundeeswarar temple isRead More →

INTRODUCTION The Brahmapureeswarar Temple is situated in Thirupattur. It is believed that by visiting this temple our fate can by changed by the blessings of Lord Brahma. Once Lord Brahma has got pride that he was the ultimate Creator of the entire Universe. Lord Brahma thought that he has got more powers thanRead More →

INTRODUCTION Ram Chandra Datta (1851-1899) was a disciple of Ramakrishna and a well-versed writer of spiritual books. Datta was a close friend of Swami Vivekananda. Datta was born in the year 1851 in Kolkata.  His parents were ardent devotees of Lord Krishna, and his mother has died at his childhood, and hence he wasRead More →

INTRODUCTION Markandeya was the son of Rishi Mrikandu, and was born with very good features. Similar to his father, he used to worship Lord Shiva at the Ashram and perform pujas and abhishekhams to the Shiva Lingam. According to legend, when he was nearing to lose his life by LordRead More →

INTRODUCTION Mahayogi Ayya( 19th century) was born in a village at Kanyakumari, and was very pious and holy at his younger age itself. Due to his spiritual thirst, at his teenage he came to Thiruvannamalai and sat down in a cave and done severe meditation for several years without havingRead More →

The Etymology The name Ashtanga Yoga is based on the concept of eight limbs of yoga as mentioned in the famous Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Patanjali compiled this path into Philosophy (Darshan) in his text to formulate the eight fold path i.e. the eight limbs of yoga. In Sanskrit, ‘Ashta’Read More →

What is a Yantra? Yantra (Mandala) is a powerful tool that helps one in getting acquainted to inner and outer realities. Literally, the term ‘Yantra’ means an instrument. It is a geometric design that helps one in contemplating, concentrating and meditating on the Almighty or individual deities (creative forces). TheRead More →

Breathing as a bridge Also known as Prana, or the universal energy, breathing is one of the core essential elements of life and it reflects the fundamental processes of life i.e. night and day, balance between body and mind and the symmetry between consciousness and unconsciousness. Controlled breathing on theRead More →