KALLAZHAGAR TEMPLE INTRODUCTION Kallazhagar Temple in situated in Alagar Koyil, Tamil Nadu, and it is a Vishnu Temple. This temple was mentioned in the Divya Prabandha, the collection of divine poems written by the Alwar saints. It is also one among the 108 Divyadesam of Lord Vishnu and he is worshiped as Kallazhagar and Mata Lakshmi is worshippedRead More →

MOUNT GOVARDHANA INTRODUCTION Govardhana Hill also called as Govardhana Giri is an auspicious mountain, and it is located a few kilometres away from Vrindavan, the birth place of Lord Krishna. Govardhan Hill contains the features of Lord Krishna, and it is believed that still Lord Krishna visits this holy mountain, and staysRead More →

RAM JANMABHOOMI INTRODUCTION Ram Janmabhoomi is the Holy place, which is believed to be the birth place of Lord Rama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.  As per the great epic Ramayana, Rama’s birthplace is located on the banks of the Holy Sarayu River in the city of Ayodhya. Few hundred years back, atRead More →

NAVABRINDAVANA INTRODUCTION Navabrindavana is the Samadhi shrine of                     the nine pious Madhwa saints and it is situated at Anegundi, near Hampi, Karnataka. The names of the holy saints are: Shri Padmanabha Tirtha, Disciple of the Holy Universal Guru Shri Madhvacharya Shri Kavindra Tirtha Shri Vagisha Tirtha Shri Raghuvarya Tirtha Shri Vyasatirtha, an incarnation of Bhakta Prahalada. Shri Sudhindra Tirtha, Guru ofRead More →

BHAKTAVATASALA PERUMAL TEMPLE, THIRUNINDRAVUR INTRODUCTION Sri Bakthavatsala Perumal temple is situated at Thirunindravur, at Chennai, near Avadi, and here Lord Vishnu is worshipped as the main deity. This temple was praised by the Alvars in the famous vaishnavite text, Nalayara Divya Prabandham, a collection of beautiful poems of Bhagavan Vishnu. By seeing theRead More →

KAILA DEVI TEMPLE   INTRODUCTION Kaila Devi Temple is a famous Temple of Mata Parvati, and it is located in Kailadevi village in Rajasthan. Kaila Mata is specifically worshipped by the people in order to get relieved from the clutches of the Kali Purusha. Kaila Ma would clear all of our sins and would makeRead More →

ASHAPURA MATA TEMPLE INTRODUCTION Ashapura Mata is one of the forms of Mata Shakti Devi, and her temple is considered as the main shrine in Gujarat. She is the one who satisfies the necessary needs and wishes of her sincere devotees, and she also removes the diseases and sins of herRead More →

KUNTI MATA TEMPLE INTRODUCTION Kunti was the daughter of Shurasena, and the wife of King Pandu, and also the mother of the Pandavas. She was very beautiful and clever woman, she is one of the main characters in Mahabharata, and she lived in the previous Dwapara Yuga. She kept sincere bhakti on LordRead More →

INDRA BHAGAVAN TEMPLE AT WAGHADI, MAHARASHTRA INTRODUCTION Among few temples dedicated to Lord Indra, there is a famous Indra temple situated in Waghadi at Maharashtra, and it is located on a hill. This temple was built by the local villagers when they faced a severe drought and famine at thisRead More →

AMRTHAGATESWARAR-ABIRAMI TEMPLE-THIRUKADAIYUR INTRODUCTION Amirthagateswarar Abhirami Temple is an ancient Shiva temple, and in this temple Lord Shiva is called as Amirthagateswarar, since he saved his devotee Markandeya from the clutches of the death god Lord Yama, and made him to become a Chiranjeevi. In this temple, Mata Parvati is worshipped as Abhirami.Read More →

AGNIPUREESWARAR TEMPLE, THIRUPUGALUR INTRODUCTION Agnipureeswarar Temple is situated in Thirupugalur village, in Tamil Nadu, and this is a famous Shiva temple, and it is believed that this temple was built by a Chola king during the 10th century AD. Here Lord Shiva is known as Agnipureeswarar and Mata Parvathi is worshipped as Karundar Kuzhali. The famousRead More →

YAMA DHARMARAJA TEMPLE AT THANJAVUR INTRODUCTION Lord Yama is the god of death, and only a few temples are dedicated to him. Among those temples, there is a famous temple for Lord Yama, and it is situated at Thiruchitrambalam in Thanjavur district. The chief deity of the temple is Lord Yama, and apartRead More →

SRI VARUNA BHAGAVAN TEMPLE, COIMBATORE INTRODUCTION There is a Varuna Bhagavan temple located at Serayampalayam Road, Neelambur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641062. This is one of the very few temples dedicated to the great ocean god Lord Varuna. This temple is believed to have been built during the 20th century AD, andRead More →

PUNNAINALLUR MARIAMMAN TEMPLE INTRODUCTION Punnai Nallur Mariamman temple is a famous Amman temple located at the outskirts of Thanjavur. Mariamman is a form of Mata Parvati Devi, who relieves the diseases of the devotees, especially diseases like small pox, measles and from deadly virus fevers. Those who suffer from black magic problems and enemy relatedRead More →

GUPTESHWAR MAHADEV TEMPLE, MADHYA PRADESH INTRODUCTION Gupteshwar Mahadev Temple is a famous temple situated in the city of Burhanpur at Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that during Amavasya and Full moon day, the great Mahabharata warrior, Ashwatthama would come to this temple, worships Lord Shiva and also would perform pujaRead More →

TRIKKAKARA TEMPLE INTRODUCTION Trikkakara is one of the famous temples of Lord Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is situated in Trikkakara, Kochi in Kerala. Onam festival is grandly celebrated at this temple during August – September for about a week. The temple is an ancient temple, and this temple is believed to have beenRead More →

SRI MANJUNATHA TEMPLE INTRODUCTION Sri Manjunatha Temple is located in Dharmasthala, a town which is situated on the banks of the Nethravathi River   in Karnataka.   Manjunatha Temple contains the Shrine of Lord Shiva, who is called as Lord Manjunatha, along with Mata Shakti Devi, Lord Chandra Bhagavan and also contains Village gods and goddesses suchRead More →

UDUPI SRI KRISHNA TEMPLE INTRODUCTION Udupi Sri Krishna Temple is a popular Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna, who appears in the form of Child Krishna, also called as Balakrishna, and it is located in Udupi in Karnataka. Udupi is a sacred place, since it contains the Holy temple of Lord Krishna, as wellRead More →

SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY MUTT, NANJANGUD INTRODUCTION Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Nanjangud is an important Mutt of Guru Raghavendra Swamy and it is situated in Nanjangud, Mysore. The main idol of Sri Guru Raghavendra was found at Srirangapatna in River Cauvery and it was installed in the Nanjangud Mutt by SriRead More →

DWAJASTHAMBAM AND BALI PEETAM INTRODUCTION A Dwajasthambham also called as kodi maram is a flagstaff, which is found in most of the Hindu temples. When we enter into the temple we can find the Bali Peetam situated near the Dwajasthambham. The word Bali means “Sacrifice”. Unfortunately, the meaning has been misunderstood and people usedRead More →