KAMA AND KARMA INTRODUCTION Kama also known as lust is the root cause of the problems in our life, and it would make us to commit lot of bad karmas in our life. Due to this bad habit Kama, even the divine demi gods like Indra and Chandra had lostRead More →

JIVATMA AND PARAMATMA INTRODUCTION In simple terms, Jivatma refers to ordinary mortals, whereas Paramatma refers to the supreme god. Jivatma can also be referred to as the souls of the living beings in the world. And if a Jivatma realizes the god in his soul, then there is a possibilityRead More →

DIVINITY INTRODUCTION Divinity is related to the almighty, and it gives good support in our life. By showing our love and affection on others is also considered as divinity, since all good activities would please the great almighty. Divinity can be found in the faces of the great sages, saintsRead More →

DELUGE – PRALAYA INTRODUCTION Deluge also known as Pralaya, means the destruction of the entire universe. Previously three deluges were occurred in the earth during Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga. During the time of Pralaya, all the worlds would be submerged in the ocean. Then again after someRead More →

ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS INTRODUCTION Palm-leaf manuscripts are made out of dried palm leaves, and ancient scholars had used these leaves as writing material, similar to the present day paper. But if the palm-leaf manuscripts are not preserved properly, it would be eaten away by white ants and by other small insects. Most ofRead More →

THOPPU KARANAM INTRODUCTION Thoppu Karanam means holding the ears, and bent over our body and then again raising up our body. It is a kind of exercise as well as it is a kind of worship performed to the first god Vinayaka. As per our holy Puranas, Lord Vikayaka hadRead More →

SIGNIFICANCE OF BLACK ANTS IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION Small Black ants are gentle insects, and they don’t bite others, even if someone cause harm to it. As per ancient legend, once the divine devas wanted to worship Lord Shiva in the earth, and hence they took the form of small blackRead More →

SAMADHI INTRODUCTION Samadhi is a form of deep meditation, and through that, we can attain great happiness and cheerfulness, which we would not get anywhere else. It can be obtained through constant practice of meditation, and keeping great devotion on the almighty. Through the stage of Samadhi, we can realize theRead More →

SANKALPA SEVA INTRODUCTION Sankalpa Seva is a type of Seva observed by the devotees of Guru Raghavendra. There are various ways to please the Gurus and the gods. One such way to please our holy guru Raghavendra, and to remove the difficulties in our life, is by the way ofRead More →

PATTABHISHEKAM INTRODUCTION Pattabhishekam means the coronation ceremony of the kings. Ancient kings Pattabhishekam would be celebrated in a grand manner by performing puja to the deities, and also by getting the waters from the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Godavari, in order to sprinkle it in the body ofRead More →

KARTHIGAI PORI URUNDAI INTRODUCTION Pori Urundai is the famous sweet item, which would be prepared during the Karthigai Deepam festival. Pori Urundai is made out of puffed rice and soft Jaggery. Pori Urundai can also be bought from Peas merchants, but mostly it would be made in homes, during theRead More →

APPAM AND ARAVANA PAYASAM INTRODUCTION Appam and Aravana Payasam are the auspicious Prasad items available in the Sabarimala Temple. It would be offered to the devotees during their visit to this holy temple. These Prasad items would be prepared in large quantities, especially during the Mandala Puja and Makara VillakkuRead More →

KOZHUKATTAI -THE MOST FAVOURITE FOOD OF LORD VINAYAKA INTRODUCTION Kozhukkattai is a famous South Indian food, and it is made out of rice flour, coconut and jaggery. Kozhukattai, can also be made in different varieties, such as sweet and salt. Kozhukkattai is also called as Modakam in North India. In Tamil Nadu, this food item is related with lord Vinayaka, andRead More →

NAVARATHRI SUNDAL INTRODUCTION Navarathri is an auspicious festival which would be celebrated for a continuous period of nine days. Among various Hindu festivals, Navarathri festival occupies a significant place in Hinduism, since this festival is celebrated by keeping golu dolls in our homes, and also by preparing various varieties ofRead More →

HASTODAKA INTRODUCTION Hastodaka refers to offering the food as Neivedyam to Guru Raghavendra, and then it would be offered to the devotees. Whenever, if we have an opportunity to visit the holy Mantralayam Mutt, we must have to compulsorily consume the delicious food provided at the Mantralayam Temple. By takingRead More →

THIRUKALYANAM URCHAVAM INTRODUCTION Thirukalyanam urchavam would be performed to the divine deities in the famous temples like Tirumala to Lord Venkateswara with Ma Padmavathi, Thiruthani to Lord Murugan with Ma Valli and Devasena. This Seva would be usually performed by the newly married couples in the temples, in order toRead More →

ANCIENT DIVINE MARRIAGES INTRODUCTION Similar to the marriages of human beings, marriages of the immortals also takes place before few thousand years. Among the marriages of the deities, marriage function of Lord Sundareswarar, a form of Lord Shiva, and Mata Meenakshi, a form of Ma Parvati, is considered as theRead More →

PARAMAPADHAM INTRODUCTION Paramapadham is also called as Thayam, is a popular game in Tamil Nadu, and this game is considered as a very ancient game, and it is believed that this game was played even by the gods and the goddesses in the heaven. This game is played even inRead More →

VIMANA INTRODUCTION Vimana also called as Pushpaka Vimana is the ancient flying chariots, which contains supreme powers, and the details about it were mentioned in ancient Vedas and in Puranas. Among the Pushpaka Vimanas, Pushpaka Vimana owned by Lord Kubera is very powerful, and it would allow the people in theRead More →

VANABHOJANAM INTRODUCTION Vanabhojanam means serving food to the devotees under holy trees, and it would be served in big temples like Tirumala, and also in small temples during the Tamil month of Karthika. The food would be served to the devotees usually under the trees like Vilva, Arasa and Vanni,Read More →