GOLDEN QUOTES OF LORD BUDDHA INTRODUCTION Gautama Buddha, also known as Buddha was an avatara Purusha who lived before 2500 years. He was considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and the purpose behind his incarnation is to deliver various good teachings to the people in order to enlighten their lives.Read More →

GOLDEN QUOTES OF LORD MAHAVIRA INTRODUCTION Mahavira also popularly called as Vardhamana Mahavira was one of the Tirthankaras of Jainism. He has taken his avatar before 2600 years, and he was born in a rich family in the present day Bihar in India. Similar to Buddha, at his young age, he also left his home withRead More →

GOLDEN QUOTES OF GURU NANAK INTRODUCTION Guru Nanak (16th century AD) was the founder of Sikhism and he is regarded as a “DIVINE GURU” by the Sikhs, and his annual birthday is grandly celebrated by them. Guru Nanak was a great person who mainly advocates the principle of helping others, and to live anRead More →

GOLDEN QUOTES OF GURU RAVIDAS INTRODUCTION Ravidas was a Saint Cum Poet during the 15th Century AD.  Though he was born in a low class community, but he was highly honoured by the then kings and the learned scholars for his divine powers. He was also a social reformer, and heRead More →

  GOLDEN QUOTES OF SWAMI SAMARTH INTRODUCTION Swami Samarth (19th century AD), also known as Akkalkot Maharaj, was a spiritual saint, he is having large number of devotees in Maharashtra, and he is also considered as a great saint similar to Sri Shirdi Saibaba, and during his lifetime he has healed theRead More →

GOLDEN QUOTES OF KABIR DAS INTRODUCTION Kabir Das (15th Century AD) was a poet and saint, who had contributed a lot for the upliftment of the Bhakti movement and some of his verses are found in the Sikhism’s Holy Text, Guru Granth Sahib. Though he was born in a Muslim family, but since, he followed the teachings ofRead More →

DAYANANDA SARASWATI QUOTES INTRODUCTION Dayananda Saraswati, also fondly called by his followers as Swami Dayananda Saraswati was a 19th century Saint, Philosopher, and the founder of the Arya Samaj. He was against the Hindu rituals and idol worship. He was also a great scholar, and he insisted his followers to observe strictRead More →

MAHAVATAR BABAJI QUOTES INTRODUCTION Mahavatar Babaji is an Avatara Purusha, and he has popular disciples like Sri  Lahiri Mahasaya. Once he met Lahiri Mahasaya in the Himalayan Mountain Ranges, and he invited him to his cave also. He had humbly treated him, and taught “KRIYA YOGA”, and asked him to spreadRead More →

GOLDEN SPIRITUAL QUOTES OF BHAKTA PRAHALADA INTRODUCTION Prahalad was the son of Hiranyakashipu and Kayadhu, and he was the father of Virochana. He was born in the Krita Yuga, and still he is remembered by the people due to his great bhakti on Lord Vishnu. As per legend, it is believed that the ShanguRead More →

FAMOUS QUOTES OF BASAVANNA INTRODUCTION Basaveshwara (12th century AD), also known as Basavanna, was a Shaivite Saint and poet, and he was the foremost one, who promoted the “SHIVA BHAKTI MOVEMENT”, and he was also the founder of the Lingayat Sect. Basava was worshipped as the Divine Guru by his followers, andRead More →

PURANDARA DASA ARADHANA INTRODUCTION Sri Purandaradasa is a Kannada saint who lived during the 15th Century AD. He is considered to be an incarnation of Rishi Narada, who had born in this earth, in order to propagate the “KRISHNA BHAKTI” amongst the masses. Though he was a rich business man,Read More →

SHIVA PUJA INTRODUCTION Shiva Puja is an ancient practice adopted by the Hindus, wherein which, Shiva devotees used to worship Lord Siva whole heartedly by various methods like doing puja, offering flowers and Bilva leaves, doing meditation and performing abhishekam to the holy Shiva Lingam. In ancient Puranas, we can find that lot of demons andRead More →

KAMA AND KARMA INTRODUCTION Kama also known as lust is the root cause of the problems in our life, and it would make us to commit lot of bad karmas in our life. Due to this bad habit Kama, even the divine demi gods like Indra and Chandra had lostRead More →

JIVATMA AND PARAMATMA INTRODUCTION In simple terms, Jivatma refers to ordinary mortals, whereas Paramatma refers to the supreme god. Jivatma can also be referred to as the souls of the living beings in the world. And if a Jivatma realizes the god in his soul, then there is a possibilityRead More →

DIVINITY INTRODUCTION Divinity is related to the almighty, and it gives good support in our life. By showing our love and affection on others is also considered as divinity, since all good activities would please the great almighty. Divinity can be found in the faces of the great sages, saintsRead More →

DELUGE – PRALAYA INTRODUCTION Deluge also known as Pralaya, means the destruction of the entire universe. Previously three deluges were occurred in the earth during Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga. During the time of Pralaya, all the worlds would be submerged in the ocean. Then again after someRead More →

ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS INTRODUCTION Palm-leaf manuscripts are made out of dried palm leaves, and ancient scholars had used these leaves as writing material, similar to the present day paper. But if the palm-leaf manuscripts are not preserved properly, it would be eaten away by white ants and by other small insects. Most ofRead More →

THOPPU KARANAM INTRODUCTION Thoppu Karanam means holding the ears, and bent over our body and then again raising up our body. It is a kind of exercise as well as it is a kind of worship performed to the first god Vinayaka. As per our holy Puranas, Lord Vikayaka hadRead More →

SIGNIFICANCE OF BLACK ANTS IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION Small Black ants are gentle insects, and they don’t bite others, even if someone cause harm to it. As per ancient legend, once the divine devas wanted to worship Lord Shiva in the earth, and hence they took the form of small blackRead More →

SAMADHI INTRODUCTION Samadhi is a form of deep meditation, and through that, we can attain great happiness and cheerfulness, which we would not get anywhere else. It can be obtained through constant practice of meditation, and keeping great devotion on the almighty. Through the stage of Samadhi, we can realize theRead More →