THIRUVABHARANAM INTRODUCTION Thiruvabharanam is the golden ornaments of Lord Ayyappan, which was made as per the instructions given by the Pandalam king, the foster father of Lord Ayyappan. Thiruvabharanam would be kept in a box, and would be protected by the Royal family members of the Pandalam Palace, which is situatedRead More →

IDOL WORSHIP INTRODUCTION Idol worship exists since ancient times, and it gives a great spiritual pleasure in our life. Idol worship means worshipping the god in the form of a statue. We can get lot of benefits in our life by worshipping the idols. People usually would think about gaining wealthRead More →

YOGA NIDRA INTRODUCTION Yoga Nidra is a type of meditation, and in general, the term “YOGA NIDRA”, denotes the Yoga Nidra of Lord Vishnu, and he is the one who controls the entire universe through his spiritual powers. According to legend, it is believed that during the Tamil month, Aadi, LordRead More →

URCHAVA MOORTHY IDOLS INTRODUCTION Urchava Moorthies are the replica of the main idols of the gods and goddesses in the temples, and they are usually sculpted using silver, bronze and gold metals. When compared with main idols, they usually appear smaller in size, but look very attractive and beautiful. TheyRead More →

ANCIENT TEMPLE INSCRIPTIONS INTRODUCTION Ancient temple inscriptions are found in most of the ancient temple walls, and also the inscriptions would be carved out in stones also. And they would give the correct picture about the details of the temple history like the name of the builder, construction date and theRead More →