SAINTS INTERACTION WITH THEIR FEMALE DEVOTEES INTRODUCTION Holy Saints like Guru Raghavendra, Sri Ramakrishna, Shirdi Saibaba and Kanchi Paramacharya would interact with their female devotees by considering them as their own daughters. Kanchi Paramacharya would listen to the worries of his female devotees with great patience, and he would showerRead More →

Lord Krishna

ALMIGHTY IS ALWAYS MIGHTY INTRODUCTION Almighty is always mighty. He contains great powers, and through that, he is controlling the entire universe. The great Lord Krishna has incarnated in this earth, to establish the Dharma in this world, and to guide the people to follow the path of righteousness inRead More →


IS LORD SHIVA A FEROCIOUS GOD? INTRODUCTION No. Lord Shiva is not at all a ferocious god, but he is our precious god. He contains very soft nature, and he shows his utmost love and affection on his devotees. We would have noticed in the Shaivite texts that some ShivaRead More →


MANGALYA DOSHAM INTRODUCTION Mangalya Dosham occurs to the girl in her horoscope, when she has not performed Sumangali Puja in her previous births. Even if the girl gets married and enters into her in-laws house, and if she suffers from Mangalya Dosham, then the health condition of her husband asRead More →


NAGA DOSHAM INTRODUCTION Naga dosham also known as Sarpa dosha and Kala Sarpa Dosha occurs in the horoscope of a person when he has killed or caused harm to serpents in his previous births. Snakes are to be considered as respectful worshipful deities and they contain great powers, and theRead More →


  INTRODUCTION Pitru Dosham occurs to the people due to the Karmic debts of their ancestors. Pitru Dosham is found in a person’s horoscope, when his ancestors have committed sins in their past births, or when he has insulted his parents or his grand-parents in his past births. Due toRead More →


NAVAGRAHA DOSHAM INTRODUCTION Navagraha Dosha occurs to a person, when the planets in his horoscope are found to be in an unfavourable positioning. It can be rectified to some extent by visiting the Navagraha Temples in Tamil Nadu, and also by reciting the Mantras of Ma Shakti Devi, since sheRead More →


SPIRITUAL FIRE INTRODUCTION We must have to generate more and more spiritual fire on our mind, similar to Bhagavan Ramakrishna, who had got great spiritual fire on his soul, and due to that, he was able to see and he was also able to converse with Ma Kali during hisRead More →


PROTECTION AND PRESERVATION OF TEMPLES INTRODUCTION It is the first and foremost duty of each and every Hindu to protect and preserve our ancient Hindu temples from miscreants and from anti-social elements. The Multan Temple in Pakistan was almost totally destroyed by the miscreants, and it was built by theRead More →

Gajanan Maharaj

GOLDEN QUOTES OF GAJANAN MAHARAJ INTRODUCTION Gajanan Maharaj was a famous saint, and he is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Ganesha. His date of birth was unknown. During his teenage, he was found at Shegaon, a village in Maharashtra and he left his physical body during the year 1910, and the date whenRead More →

Vallimalai Swamigal

MURUGAN BHAKTI SONGS BY VALLIMALAI SWAMIGAL INTRODUCTION Vallimalai is the sacred place where Ma Valli was born and she was brought up by the Tribal head, Sri Nambirajan, and after she had attained teenage, Lord Murugan went to Vallimalai, and with the help of his brother Lord Vinayaka, both Valli and Murugaṉ are married, and a temple wasRead More →

Kanya Dosham

KANYA DOSHAM INTRODUCTION Kanya Dosha is a type of dosha which occurs due to insults made to females by the males during their past births. Kanya Dosham also would occur to a person, if he tortured his wife in his past birth, and as a result, his sins would continueRead More →