Lord Ganesha

THE ONE AND ONLY LORD GANESHA INTRODUCTION Lord Ganesha is liked by everyone, irrespective of their age factor. Being considered as the first god, it is our main duty to first worship him before doing our daily routine works. Being the leader of the Vedas, he is also called asRead More →

Expression of Bhakti

EXPRESSION OF BHAKTI INTRODUCTION We can express our bhakti on god in various ways like singing, dancing, visiting temples, doing meditation, chanting his names and mantras and performing pujas and doing divine discourses. Some housewives would chant the Mantras of the deities while cooking and while doing other household choresRead More →


WILL GOD CURSE US? INTRODUCTION Will god curse us? No. He will never curse us, but sometimes out of our unbearable sufferings, we might curse him. God consider all of his creations as his child, and similar to an affectionate mother, he used to console us, affectionately hug us, removesRead More →

Camphor & Incense Stick

CAMPHOR AND INCENSE STICKS INTRODUCTION Camphor (Karpoor) and incense Sticks (Agarbathies) are used while performing puja to the deities. Camphor and Agarbathies gives good smell and it occupies as a part and parcel in the lives of the Hindu devotees. Since Camphor is considered to create environment pollution, in most ofRead More →


SRI HANUMAN SUPRABHATAM INTRODUCTION Sri Hanuman Suprabhatam, is a divine song which would be sung in the early morning in praise of Lord Hanuman. This song tells about the significance of Lord Hanuman, and in most of the Hanuman Temples, this famous Hanuman Suprabhatam is being chanted after the chantingRead More →


SHREE VIGNESHWARA SUPRABHATAM INTRODUCTION Sri Vigneshwara Suprabhatam is written in praise of Lord Vinayaka. Lord Vinayaka is the obstacle remover, and he is considered to be the first god. By reciting this Suprabhatam regularly in the early morning, we would get all kinds of prosperity in our lives, and weRead More →


SANTHOSHI MATA STOTRA INTRODUCTION Santoshi Mata is believed to be the daughter of Lord Ganesa, and the popularity of her worship was gained during the 20th century AD. Ma Santoshi is also considered as a female aspect of Lord Ganesa, and she is also worshipped as Ma Ganesini by some of herRead More →


SIGNIFICANCE OF PRADOSHA WORSHIP INTRODUCTION Pradosha worship is an auspicious prayer offered to Lord Shiva, which would occur twice in a month, and during the time of Pradosha, the great Lord Shiva who holds the trident on his hands, would make his loving consort Ma Shakti Devi, to get seatedRead More →


PATI BHAKTI INTRODUCTION Pati Bhakti is a popular term which was used in ancient times. If we refer to our holy Puranas or Vedas, mention would there about Pati Bhakti and about the holy women. Pati Bhakti means respect given by a wife to her husband in a highly honourableRead More →


PADODA JALAM INTRODUCTION Padoda Jalam is a type of sacred water which would be sprinkled on the heads of the devotees after the completion of the Guru Raghavendra puja. It would be done in the Raghavendra Swamy Mutt at Mantralayam and also in various other Raghavendra Swamy Mutts. This isRead More →


LORD KRISHNA – THE HUMBLE COWHERD INTRODUCTION Lord Krishna though he was the supreme avatar of Lord Vishnu, acted as a humble cowherd. In his young age, he grazed the cows along with his brother Balarama and with other cowherd boys in an excellent manner. He used to move affectionatelyRead More →