MA KALI DEVI NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Kali also called as Kali Devi is one among the Mahavidyas, and considered as a great goddess in Hinduism. She is worshipped for getting relieved from black magic and prolonged illness, to get great spiritual powers, and to obtain more mental and physical strength. Kali was formedRead More →


SRI SANKARANARAYANAR NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Sankara Narayana is a form of Lord Shiva and Vishnu, and there is a famous temple in Sankarankovil, where the famous Sankara Narayanan temple is located. In order to make the devotees of Vishnu and Shiva to realize that both of these gods are one and the same,Read More →

Sri Venkateswara Namavali

SRI VENKATESWARA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Lord Venkateswara also known by various names as Srinivasa, Balaji, Venkatachalapati and Govinda is a divine form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Venkateswara is the main deity of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple situated in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Lakhs of devotees are visiting daily to the Tirumala Temple to have a glimpse of their dear god, and to getRead More →


SRI BALARAMA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Balarama is a powerful god and he is the elder brother of Lord Krishna. He is also known as Baladeva, Balabhadra, Haladhara and Halayudha. Lord Balarama is considered to be an aspect of Lord Vishnu, and he is also regarded as an Avatar of the divine serpent bed of Lord Vishnu, Sri Adisesha. Balarama was theRead More →

Sri Nandikeswarar Namavali

SRI NANDIKESWARAR NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Nandi is the guardian of Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and also he pleasingly serves as the mount to Lord Shiva. Almost in all Shiva temples, the statue of Lord Nandi will be there, before in front of Lord Shiva’s main shrine. Nandi worship exists for several thousands of years.Read More →


MA BHAVANI NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Bhavani also known as Tulaja, Amba and Jagadamba is an incarnation of Mata Parvati. She is also worshipped in North India as Mata Durga. Once she killed the demon Matanga who created lot of problems to the people in the earth and also troubled the gods in the heaven. Due to the worship of theRead More →


SANTOSHI MATA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Santoshi Mata is a Hindu goddess. She is described as “the Mother of Satisfaction”. Santoshi Mata is particularly worshipped by women of North India and Nepal. Santoshi Mata vrata is mostly performed by women for fulfilling their wishes. Santoshi Mata vrata is gaining popularity among North Indian women, and nowadays also amongRead More →


MA GAYATRI DEVI NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Ma Gayatri is well known for her popular Gayatri Mantra. She is also known as Vedamata. Gayatri is considered to be the consort of Lord Brahma. According to ancient puranas, Ma Gayatri killed the demon Vetrasura, since he had given trouble to the people living in the earth and inRead More →


MA ANNAPURNA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Annapurna Devi is the goddess who provides food for all the living beings in the earth. The name Annapurna itself indicates as the giver of sufficient food. Annapurna is an important goddess, since through her blessings only, we are able to eat food and sustain in this world.Read More →


KARTHIGAI DEEPAM INTRODUCTION Karthigai Deepam is a festival of lights which is celebrated by the Hindus who belongs to South India. This festival is observed during the Tamil month of Kartigai (November to December). During Karthigai month, oil lamps would be lit mostly on every day, and during this festival, bigRead More →


YAMA DEEPAM INTRODUCTION Yama Deepam is a type of ritual held in the Hindu households, by lighting an oil lamp in order to honour the death god Yama, and this ritual would be observed on the day of Dhanteras, which would be celebrated before Diwali festival, and this year, DanterasRead More →

Sri Dhanavantri Namavali

SRI DHANAVANTRI NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Dhanvantri is an Ayurvedic god, and he is worshipped widely all over India as a god of medicine. He has emerged from the Ocean with Amirtha (Divine immortal drink of the Devas) on his hand. His birthday is celebrated as Dhanteras festival all over India, especiallyRead More →


SRI SURYA BHAGAVAN NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Surya   is the sun god, and he is called by various names such as Aditya, Bhanu, Ravi, and Marthanda. He is the son of Rishi Kashyapa and Mata Aditi. Surya has been worshipped since ancient period. His worship is mentioned in Vedas, Uphanishads, PuranasRead More →


KALA BHAIRAVA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Kala Bhairava is a Hindu god and he is considered as an avatar of Lord Shiva. He is also referred in Buddhist texts. He is worshipped all over India, and also in some Asian countries. He is the one who destroys fear from the minds of human beings and givesRead More →


SRI VEERABHADRA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Veerabhadra is an avatar of Lord Shiva. He was created by Lord Shiva in order to teach a lesson for Lord Daksha, who had insulted Lord Shiva and avoided him to invite for an Yagna conducted by him. Sati was the daughter of Daksha. At her younger age, due toRead More →


SRI GANESA NAMAVALI   INTRODUCTION Sri Ganesa Namavali is considered as very sacred among all other Namavalis of the deities, since Lord Ganesa is considered as the first and foremost god in our Holy Hinduism. As per Puranas, before undertaking a particular task, even the divine deities used to worshipRead More →

Sri Sita Namavali

SRI SITA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Sita is the holy mother and she is the most pious and holy woman as per Ramayana. She is considered as the incarnation of the earth goddess, Bhumi Devi and was adopted by King Janaka of Videha and his wife, Queen Sunaina. She has a younger sister, Urmila, and her female cousins were Mandavi and Shrutakirti. Sita isRead More →


MA GANGA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Ganga is the river Ganges and she is considered as a sacred and holy mother goddess. It is believed that bathing in river Ganges would cleanse us removes our sins and would lead to the path of MOKSHA. It is also believed that all tyoes of diseases would be curedRead More →


SRI DAKSHINA MURTHY NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Sri Dakshinamurthy is a form of Lord Shiva who is known as the Divine Guru, and he is the one who gives good knowledge to everyone like the holy mother Ma Saraswati, the goddess of education and wisdom. Lord Shiva takes the form of Dakshinamurthy inRead More →


SRI VISWAKARMA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Viswakarma is the deity with abnormal creative powers. According to the Vedas, he is considered as the divine architect of the entire universe. Viswakarma is the creator of the chariots and weapons of the gods. He created the Vajrayudha for Lord Indra. Though Viswakarma is worshiped by all the HinduRead More →