The Mantra Chanted The mantra that is chanted before the lighting of the Hawankund is, “This fire as an earliest pervading force of the worldly objects first shines in theRead More →

The Telugu Tradition The Arya Samaj Movement, propounded and promoted by Swami Dayanand Saraswati, heavily influenced the Telugu culture. After the sensitization of the Telugu identity and creation of AndhraRead More →

Bride’s Parents visit the Bridegroom During the occasion of Bhat Khawai, the bride’s parents are invited by the bridegroom’s parents, at their place, after the passage of sometime after marriage.Read More →

The Emotional Turn Bidai or bridal departure is a very important occasion in Hindu marriage custom. It is also considered as very poignant and heartrending. It is the moment orRead More →

Bride Blessing Ceremony Water, one of the five elements of nature, is considered very auspicious in many Hindu rituals. It is believed to have medicinal, purifying and sanctifying properties. Thus,Read More →

Importance of Name Change Ceremony Sacred formulas and ritualistic charms have been practiced since time immemorial, to ward off evil spirits and influences. The Hindu marriage manuals also stress uponRead More →

Chawka Sanctified Chawka is a ritual space at the bridegroom’s place, where a Puja is performed after the marriage. The Vedi and Harish are brought from the actual Maroh atRead More →

Post-Marriage Ritual The Chumawan ceremony is performed after completion of the marriage procedures. Five married women from the bride’s family, whose husbands are alive, perform the Chumawan ceremony for bothRead More →

Worship to Kul Devta The Kul Devtas or the family Gods and Goddesses are ardently worshipped by most of the ladies of the families. The following rituals are usually performedRead More →

Welcoming Bride Also known as Granthi Bandhan, the Ganth Bandhan ceremony is generally performed after the Pant Grahan rites. In some places, it is also performed after the Saptapadi ritesRead More →

The Ritual The word Gharbharai literally means filling of the house. This ceremony symbolizes prosperity and is a folk tradition performed by the ladies of the bride’s house. This ceremonyRead More →

The Importance of Gotra The Gotrachara is performed just before the bride is gifted away to the family of the bridegroom. During this ceremony, the Gotra or lineage, parvara andRead More →

The Method of Puja The Nav Graha Puja literally means the puja ceremony performed to propitiate the nine planets. It is usually performed after the Kalash Sthapana and the MatriRead More →