Introduction India is a Hindu predominant country and is a land of unity and diversity. The convergence of different cultures and traditions on one single platform is the unique identity of the nation. People belonging to various religious communities and races live peacefully in India. People from Karnataka have theirRead More →

The Ritual Process The Katha is performed right after the Matkor and the Harish Gandhana ceremony. Katha is basically a recitation of stories from the Hindu Scriptures by the priests. Both the bride’s and bridegroom’s parents sit during the Katha as the Shrota or listener and as yajmaan or host.Read More →

Pre Marriage The Lagan for the marriage usually starts a few days earlier to the actual marriage day. The atmosphere and mood in the house of both the bride and bridegroom are indescribable and electrifying nature. There is a buzz of happiness permeating the atmosphere. This initiates the Shagun orRead More →

The Importance of Unhusked Rice The bride’s party brings a bundle of unhusked rice, durba grass and turmeric roots, after the performance of the Tilak ceremony. They are sorted out during the Lagan Kholana ceremony. The turmeric roots are crushed into paste during the Haldi ceremony. The unhusked rice isRead More →

Bride’s Companion The word Lokni is derived from Lokan, to look. Lokni is an individual or a party, who accompanies the bride, when she leaves for the bridegroom’s place. In the older days, the rich families used to send servants and maids along with the bride. Even King Janaka hadRead More →

New Additions During the time of the Sutras, the marriage rituals had already been established and were advanced in nature. It was the ritualists, who had set the system and order pattern of the marriage ceremonies. The Post-Vedic period also saw many new additions and modifications along with assimilation ofRead More →

Popular rites in Indian Scriptures Indian rituals are one of the most ancient rituals, running down the contemporary era as crucial customs and practices. Many of these rituals are therefore not properly documented. During the earlier period,the scriptures were anxious to record only Vedic rituals and did not givea properRead More →

Precondition to Marriage Ancient marriages gaverelative importance to days and hemispheres while fixing a marriage day. After the betrothal an auspicious day was fixed for the wedding ceremonies. Astrological considerations did not seem to play an important part in ancient times. As the union of the bride and the bridegroomRead More →

Significance of the Puja  The performance of the GanapatiPuja is essential at the commencement of every important undertaking. A traditional Hindu marriage cannot take off without performing a GaneshPujaby the bride’s parents. Through this Puja, unwanted obstacles and inauspicious elements are disposed off before tyingthe lifetime knot.  Who is Ganapati? He is theRead More →

Introduction Kanyadanaceremony in a Hindu wedding comes after the Sankalpaceremony. Kanyadana ceremony is a highly complex one, and rightly it is so; for marriage makes or mars a life. The bride’s parents, glad in their hearts, that they have secured a Vedavit for their daughter, treat him with due respect.Read More →

Why is it performed? A few days before the wedding as per SanatanDharma, the ceremony of Mridaharana(bringing some earth or clay) ceremony is performed. The origin of this ceremony is popular though it does not find mention in the ancient scriptures of the Hindus. How is it performed? This ceremony is foundRead More →

Meaning Kankanabandhana in Hindu marriage comes after Kanyadana, the Bridegroom’s promise to marry and accept the bride as his wife. The Kankanabandhana ceremony is of great significance, for from this time forth until the samavesana (sexual union) ceremony is performed, the bride and the bridegroom can suffer from no pollution,Read More →

Introduction Saptapadi ritual in a Hindu marriage comes afterKankanaBandhana. Taking the bride’s hand to lead her to the Saptapadi ceremony, the bridegroom says, “Thy hand do I take to get good progeny! Mayest thou live with me, thy protector, till thou gettest old and feeble! Bhaga, Aryama, Savita, (names ofRead More →

Introduction KasiYatra ritual in a Hindu marriage traditionally comes after Snataka ceremonywhich is performed by the bridegroom giving due respect to his guru. The Snataka makes up his mind to complete his education by travel, and sets out for holy Kasi or Benares. Background and Tradition On the way heRead More →

Introduction After the completion of Ganesh Puja on the wedding day, several other Gods are worshipped. These Gods are known as Nandi Devatas. Who are Nandi Devatas? The Nandi Devatas are the holy Pitris, who live in the lokas of Bhuvash and Suvah. They are the builders of the subtleRead More →

After the navagrahas (nine planets) exercise, Snataka ceremony in the Hindu marriage is performed. The would-be bridegroom performs the Snataka ceremony, which marks the close of his studies under a guru with rigid Brahmacharya. A number of Brahmans are fed, and they wish him good. He then stands forth, andRead More →

Marriage is considered the most auspicious and noble amongst all Hindu occasions. According to the Hindu scripture Vedas, marriage is a sacred knot between two souls and an initiation into lifelong togetherness. Marriage is thus considered strongest of all social bonds. India is a land of diversity. Hence, marriage ritualsRead More →

Tamil Nadu is a southeastern state of India, situated on the Bay of Bengal. It is specifically famous for its natural beauty. Apart from the backwaters, coffee plantations and luscious South Indian delicacies, the state is also known for its rich tradition and culture which dates back to the eraRead More →

Contents Differences between the Aryan and the European marriage The Early Third Race of Men The Secret of Conjugal Compatibility References Differences between the Aryan and the European marriage What distinguishes the Hindu or Aryan civilization from the European is a thorough recognition, given by the former,to the three planesRead More →