Bride Blessing Ceremony Water, one of the five elements of nature, is considered very auspicious in many Hindu rituals. It is believed to have medicinal, purifying and sanctifying properties. Thus, water is sprinkled over the head of the bride, to congratulate her and wish her good resolve. Along with water,Read More →

The Emotional Turn Bidai or bridal departure is a very important occasion in Hindu marriage custom. It is also considered as very poignant and heartrending. It is the moment or instance, when the bride departs from her paternal home towards the place of her in-laws. There is a lot ofRead More →

Bride’s Parents visit the Bridegroom During the occasion of Bhat Khawai, the bride’s parents are invited by the bridegroom’s parents, at their place, after the passage of sometime after marriage. Many parents are reluctant to accept the invitation, because they think that their daughter has been offered in Kanyadan orRead More →

The Telugu Tradition The Arya Samaj Movement, propounded and promoted by Swami Dayanand Saraswati, heavily influenced the Telugu culture. After the sensitization of the Telugu identity and creation of Andhra Pradesh, there was again a force for revival of these customs and tradition. Telugu Hindu marriages are till date performedRead More →

Arrival of the Procession Marriage is a big event in the lives of Hindus. The bridal car along with the bridal party approaches the bridegroom’s place, with much pomp, fanfare and splendor. Musical processions usually follow the bridal party, symbolizing the arrival of happiness and good wishes. During the OldRead More →

The Mantra Chanted The mantra that is chanted before the lighting of the Hawankund is, “This fire as an earliest pervading force of the worldly objects first shines in the dawn and thereafter in the daylight. This fire shines in the different rays of the sun and extends its essenceRead More →