Kirtanam is that form of Bhakti wherein the devotee chants and sings praises in the name of the guru or the deity. Such chanting and singing the name of the Lord breaks the shackles that tie people to worldly inhibitions and sufferings. In Kirtanam the Bhakta dances and sings inRead More →

Meaning of Sakhya Bhakti Sakhya bhakti is a form of bhakti, wherein the bhakta considers God as his friend at all times. The bhakta considers God as his friend, relative, and companion. In Bhagavatam, it is said, “Oh, how wonderful is the fortune of the people of Vraja of cowherdRead More →

There are nine different ways to express devotion for the Lord. Shravanam is the first form of Bhakti. Meaning of Shravanam Shravanam literally means listening. Shravanam is about listening to God’s lilas which is an important step in the spiritual journey. Shravanam also includes listening to God’s virtues, glories, stories,Read More →

Meaning of Smaranam Smaranam is one of the nine forms of bhakti, where the devotee constantly remembers the name and form of the Lord. Smaranam also includes remembering the stories, teaching and talking to others about the glories of the Lord, meditation on aspects relating to God etc. Japa isRead More →

Meaning of Vandanam Vandanam means offering prayers and obeisance to the Lord. Prayer is an act of communicating with the Lord. Prayer requires immense faith in Him, as he is not visible to the naked eye. As one develops faith in the Lord, prayer becomes an indispensible part of one’sRead More →

How to cultivate/ develop Bhakti? Bhakti is training one’s mind and will towards God. It is a discipline through which a bhakta eliminates his ego and develops an intense attachment towards god. The bhakta attains a stage of self realisation where the ego and the Self are the same. HeRead More →

Introduction to Essence of Bhakti The nature of Bhakti is inexpressible. Bhakti can be partially explained but its totality is inconceivable and inexpressible. Just as it is difficult to explain the sweetness of sugar to a person who has not tasted it, so also the nature of Bhakti cannot beRead More →

Prayer Prayer or Prarthana in Sanskrit means pleading fervently. It is a form of communication with a deity or an object of worship or a spiritual embodiment. It is praise of God. Prayer could be through use of words or songs. Prayer is a religious practice of reaching out toRead More →

Benefits of Self Surrender Self surrender is the highest form of bhakti. Self surrender is also known as Atma Nivedana. Eg: Mira, Gopis of Vrindavan. In Kathopanishad it is said, “The Lord chooses that man who has surrendered himself, reveals Himself unto him and bestows the highest wisdom on him.”Read More →

Om is made up of three Sanskrit letters, aa, au and ma which, when combined, make the sound Aum or Om. This most important symbol in Hinduism, is chanted in every prayer and invocation to deities. As the symbol of piety, Om is often found at the head of letters,Read More →