Ma Radha Rani Namavali

Ma Radha Rani Namavali INTRODUCTION Radha also called as Radhika, Radharani, and Radhe, is a popular goddess and worshipped along with Lord Krishna throughout the world. She is regarded as the best friend and devotee of Lord Krishna. Radharani is considered as an incarnation of Ma Lakshmi Devi. She is the head of the milkmaids,Read More →

Sri Rama Namavali

Sri Rama Namavali INTRODUCTION Rama also called as Sri Rama, is a famous avatar of Lord Vishnu. Though he was incarnated before several millions of years ago, yet, he is remembered for his good qualities. Lord Rama is praised by his devotees and we can find the regular chanting ofRead More →

Ma Dhumavati Namavali

Ma Dhumavati Namavali INTRODUCTION Dhumavati is one of the Mahavidyas, and she is the Divine Mother for the entire universe. Though she looks old and considered as inauspicious in Hinduism, she is the kind hearted mother, who always safeguards her devotees in a nice manner. The goddess is seated onRead More →

Sri Arunachaleshwarar Namavali

Sri Arunachaleshwarar Namavali INTRODUCTION Arunachaleswara Temple, also called as Annamalaiyar Temple, is a Hindu temple of Lord Shiva, located at Arunachala hill in the town of Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalas, and Lord Shiva is worshipped as an element of fire in this temple. Shiva is worshiped as Arunachaleswara or Annamalaiyar, andRead More →

Sri Gouthama Buddha Namavali

Sri Gouthama Buddha Namavali INTRODUCTION Siddhartha (480-563BC) also called as Gautama Buddha, was a monk, teacher and religious leader and he was the founder of Buddhism. He is believed to have lived in India. Gautama is the main person in Buddhism, and he was born in the Shakya clan. It is believed that, Gautama was born in Nepal, and lived inRead More →

Guru Brihaspati Bhagavan Namavali

Guru Brihaspati Bhagavan Namavali Brihaspati is the planet Jupiter, and he is one among the Navagrahas. According to ancient texts, Brihaspati is a guru for Lord Indra, at Swarka loka.  He is the god for Thursday, according to Hindu calendar. His name is mentioned in Rig Veda and also in several ancientRead More →

Sri Swami Narayan Namavali

Sri Swami Narayan Namavali INTRODUCTION Swaminarayan (1781 –1830), also known as Sahajanand Swami, was a yogi. He is believed by his followers as an avatar of Lord Narayana. Swaminarayan was born as Ghanshyam Pande into a Brahmin family at Uttar Pradesh, India in 1781. In 1792, he travelled across India, and adopted the name as Nilkanth Varni. Nilkanth Varni visited the Jagannath Temple in Puri asRead More →


 Sri Chanku Chakradari Brahma INTRODUCTION Usually we could find in the pictures of Lord Brahma, who would be holding the Vedas, the sacred Japa Mala and the Holy pot, Kamandala on his hands. If we verify our holy Puranas, in that, it was mentioned, that Lord Brahma was the giverRead More →


Bhairavi INTRODUCTION Bhairavi is a Hindu goddess and is one among the Mahavidyas. She is the consort of the shiva avatar Kala Bhairava. Bhairavi appears to be in fierce form and also called as Tripurabhairavi. She contains four hands and blesses us in her right hand. She is the protector of the entire universe and safeguardsRead More →


Budha Bhagavan Namavali INTRODUCTION Budha graha is the planet Mercury.  Budha, is also a Hindu deity, and he is one among the Navagrahas. He is called by various names such as Soumya, Rauhineya and Tunga. He is the god of Wednesday as per the Hindu calendar. Budha is the famous navagraha andRead More →

Sri Angaraka Namavali

Sri Angaraka Namavali INTRODUCTION Angaraka, also known as Mangala, is the name of the red planet mars, according to Hindu mythology. He is the warrior god, and also contains the features of Lord Murugan. According to some ancient texts, he is believed to be the son of Ma Bhumi Devi and Lord Vishnu. WhereasRead More →


Brahmatejas Introduction Brahmatejas means the radiance found on the face of the four headed Lord Brahma. We can also found Brahmatejas on the faces of the deities present in the temples. Ma Shakti Devi was described in the “Devi Bhagavatha Purana”, as a beautiful woman dressed in rich clothes, whoRead More →

Ma Chinnamasta Namavali

Ma Chinnamasta Namavali INTRODUCTION Chinnamastha is a Hindu goddess, and she is one of the Mahavidyas and a ferocious form of Ma Parvati Devi. Chinnamastha is a goddess of purity and sexual self-control and gives more energy for married people, and bless them to have good children. She also gives immortality after our death. The goddessRead More →

MEERABAI SPIRITUAL QUOTES INTRODUCTION Meera, also known as Meera Bai or Mirabai (1498–1547) was a great poet and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Meera was born into a Rajput royal family in Rajasthan, India. Most legends mention her devotion to Lord Krishna, and she was hated by her in-laws for her religious devotion. Though Meera bai has writtenRead More →


SPIRITUALITY GIVES GREAT VITALITY TO US INTRODUCTION Spirituality gives great vitality to us. Spirituality gives good spiritual energy for running our life successfully, peacefully, happily and enthusiastically. Spirituality means adopting various spiritual ways of worshipping the god, like breaking of coconuts in the temples, worshipping the deities in the temples,Read More →


MA GODAVARI NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION According to Shiva Purana, sage Gautama, who is the son of Lord Brahma, had performed severe meditation on Lord Varuna on the Mountain Brahmagiri since there was severe drought in that area. Lord Varuna, the great ocean god, and the reliever of sins of the people,Read More →


SRI RAMANUJACHARYA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Ramanuja (1017 AD–1137 AD) was one of the most important influential spiritual masters of the  Vaishnavism tradition. According to traditional belief, he has been regarded as an AMSA of Lord Adhishesha. He founded the Bhakti movement on Lord Vishnu. He is also known as Sri Ramanujacharya, Udaiyavar, Yatiraja, Bhashyakarar, Godagrajar, Thiruppavai Jeeyar, Emberumanar and LakshmanaRead More →


SRI ADISHANKARA NAMAVALI INTRODUCTION Sri Adi Shankaracharya, was a great saint who advocated Advaita Vedanta in India.  He wrote commentaries on Brahma Sutras and Bhagavad Gita.  He explained the difference between Hinduism and Buddhism, stating that Hinduism tells “Atman (Soul, Self) exists”, while Buddhism tells that there is “no Soul, no Self”. Shankara travelled across India toRead More →