Devapi is an immortal sage. According to the ancient texts, he was the eldest son of the King of Hastinapura. He was a pious and a good prince but since he was affected with leprosy, his younger brother Shantanu was declared as the king of Hastinapura. Shantanu ruled his kingdom in an efficient manner. And all the people in his region were very much satisfied with his golden rule. Later Devapi left the kingdom of hastinapura, and did severe penance in the forest.

Due to the request of his brother king shantanu, devapi served as a priest for some time in the kingdom of hastinapura and conducted a yagna for the prosperity of the kingdom, and again he went to the forest and continued his penance and lived a saintly life.

His importance is mentioned in vedas, puranas, and in Mahabharata, and was mentioned as a great man with divine power which he acquired through constant meditation.

He was also the elder brother of King Bahlika, who was the ruler of the Bahlika region.


He and his brother bahlika are noble persons, who never interested in enjoying worldly comforts and they spent their life in doing good things to the people and by worshipping the god. Bahlika was well appreciated towards showing kindness to his region’s people and for donating the wealth to the poor. He ruled his kingdom in a proper manner. He was a worshipful person, who never done any bad acts during his period. Since he was asked by the kauravas to help them in the kurukshetra war, he agreed and joined with kauravas and fought against pandavas and was finally killed by Bheema. He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna.

Devapi was not interested in occupying the kings throne and hence left his kingdom and done severe penance which lasted for several years, and finally he was granted the boon of becoming as immortal till the end of this Kali Yuga, and will be the great king in the next krita yuga.

All the three brothers shantanu,devapi and bahliga were very much expert in all the vedic subjects and in ancient scriptures. They are also specialised in all kinds of art, and expert in handling all kinds of weapons. Devapi also gifted all of his riches to the poor and the needy and asked his brothers shantanu and bahliga to do good things to the people, and also to worship the god in a proper manner. In course of time, he also got relieved from his leprosy and became a healthiest person.

Let us pray to him and be blessed.