has maintained an editorial guideline for the content presentation. Scholars and researchers who are interested in sharing the content with us may follow the given points while sending their articles to us. Kindly help us to maintain the quality of the content across the site.
Please follow the instructions for various content elements as given below;

All content of the article:
The font type: Verdana
The font size: 12
The color: black
Page break: normal
Line spacing option: 1.0
The font type: Verdana
The font size: 15
The color: black
Page break: normal
Line spacing option: 1.0
Font style: Bold
Sub Heading:
The font type: Verdana
The font size: 14
The color: black
Page break: normal
Line spacing option: 1.0
Style: Underline


English: American English throughout the site; British only when it is required. Choose the option –American while setting the language in word document.

Sanskrit: With appropriate phonetics and fonts. Send the fonts of the articles while submitting your articles to the site.


Words per article will vary in different cases.
In case of Rituals category, there is no restriction of words per article
Minimum 3000 words for any topics of the site
Any article crossing the word counts of 4000 should be presented in a different topic
Sanskrut Shloka:

We have decided not to follow International Congress of Orientalists at Athens at 1912.
If possible, try writing Sanskrut shloka in normal English wherein we will be able to read with the correct pronunciation.

Avoid Sanskrit but write Sanskrut
Avoid Krishna but write Krushna or Krushn
Avoid Mahabharata but write Mahabharat

General Presentation of the article:

Top side
Title of the article
Content list with bullet points
Actual content with various sub headings
Necessary graphics

Middle part
Important elements of the article:
Explanation of the topic
Reference of any ancient scripture
Sanskrut shloka
Meaning of the shloka
Scientific research
Practical benefits
Environmental effect if any

Bottom side
Author name:
Books referred if any:
Co writer / editor:

File type:

Please send the documents only in word format with .doc or .dcox file type.

Pictures and photos:

You may want to submit photos with every article; please follow the given instruction before sending it.
Send at least 4 photos with every article in largest possible size.
The photos should be attached separately and don’t paste them into word file.
Every photo should be named as per the occasion or the description of the event captured

Kindly follow the following style of Name and Numbering of the photos:

Eg. 1)
If the article is about Krushn as God which will have many topics described in it;
1Krushn young.jpg
2Krushn yashoda.jpg
3Krushn with cow.jpg
4Krushn with Gopi.jpg
5Krushn with Radha.jpg

If the article is about institutions;

Art of living can be written as AOL
1AOL center.jpg
2AOL students.jpg
3AOL Sri Sri Ravishankar.jpg

The file format of the photos should be either;

Other important note:

Please avoid grammatical errors
Choose language American in Microsoft word
In case of Sanskrut, attach the font with the article
Write every references researched for any article
Avoid lengthy explanation in any topic; divide them into small paragraphs and sub headings