Sena Nhavi is a famous saint of the Varkari sect and is a great devotee of Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna.

Sena worked as a barbar under the king of Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. After some time, he left his job, and started writing poems and singing the glories of Lord Vithoba.

In the famous text, Bhaktavijaya written by Mahipati during the 18th century, Sena Nhavi was mentioned as an ardent devotee of Lord Vithoba, and dedicated his entire life on praising him. And, further mentioned about the greatness of Lord Vithoba rescuing him during his difficult situations. It is believed that due to his previous birth sins, he was born in a lower caste. Once, the Muslim king of the region called him for doing service to him through a messenger. Since, Sena was worshipping the god, he hesitated to go, and through his wife, he informed to the messenger of the king, that he was not available at his home. The king has become very angry and decided to punish him. Then Lord Vithoba took the form of Sena and massaged the king with the oil. The king suddenly saw the reflection of the image of Lord Krishna, in the oil cup, and was very much surprised, and praised and rewarded him a bagful of gold coins. Lord Vithoba in the form of Sena, placed the gold coin bag in the house of Sena and disappeared.

The next day, when Sena arrived at the court, the king has asked to again show him the image of Lord Krishna. This act of the king made Sena to get surprised and explained to the king that he had got the divine darshan of Lord Vithoba himself. He further explained to him, that Lord Vithoba had taken his form, and visited the palace and massaged him. Due to that, the king respected him and treated kindly. Sena distributed the gold coins to the poor and the Brahmin scholars, which was kept by Vithoba at his home. And he immediately left his profession, and become a full time devotee of Lord Vithoba and lived his life in a saintly manner, by writing divine poems on Lord Vithoba and singing his glories in his melodious and mesmerising voice. The Muslim king has become a staunch devotee of Lord Vithoba, and lived in a pious manner.

He was praised by the great saints and Vithoba devotees Janabai, Tukaram and  Ravidas.

A temple known as “SHRI SANT SENA HARI MANDIR” is dedicated to him in Hubli.


Though he has born in a lower class, he was very much dedicated to the Lord, and he worshipped him at every moment of his life, with sincerity, dedication and utmost faith on him. He made other people to become the devotees of Lord Vithoba, through his beautiful songs, which is similar to the songs sung by THUMBURU and NARADA in the Swarka Loka. All of them enjoyed themselves in his company, and listened to his devotional lectures on the great god Vithoba. He also healed the people from their diseases and removed their mental problems, and insisted them to keep on worshipping the Divine Lord Vithoba, in order to live a prosperous and a peaceful life, and also to attain SALVATION after their death.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.